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    a letter from the Editor.

    My favorite movie used to be Breakfast at Tiffany's and I used to spend a lot of time worrying about what other people thought of me. Accommodating. Shrinking. Twenty-four with two degrees and as good a sense of self as a twenty-four-year-old can have, I'm done apologizing for my way of being in the world. A recent graduate of Cornell and Penn, I feel a bit bamboozled by what this time in my life is supposed to be about. Unprepared. Excited. Confused. Challenged. Ultimately, I want to be doing the "right" things and making the "right" decisions, but who the hell knows what that even is?

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    I don't feel like anyone prepared me to be in my early-twenties, unwed and with the whole world literally at my feet.

    So much of who I am is changing what feels like everyday. I don't have a favorite movie anymore, but my favorite song is still 'Take You Out Tonight' by Luther Vandross. I wonder if I should pursue a career in writing or media even though politics and travel have always been my first loves. I get a rush from roaming every corner of the earth, yet deeply miss my family and friends when I'm gone (not enough to be permanently around though). I make dumb decisions in love, knowing better but not always putting that knowledge into action.

    I'm endeavoring to figure this life thing out.

    And ultimately, that's what The Reign XY is all about. It's a space for vibrant, sassy, quiet, smart, funny, and whatever else they want to be womxn to come and get a perspective on an issue that maybe does or doesn't align with their own, but still feels really good to be talked about.

    I don't have the answers and neither does my team, but we're all really grateful to you for stopping by.

    We hope you feel compelled to engage and see yourself represented here.

    Creator-in-Chief, The Reign XY.



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