Victoria Jackson



Houston born. Hampton made. Social and digital obsessed PR Girl. Aesthete. Unapologetically black. "To be woman and black is to be magic...the witch that wouldn’t burn." Equipped with faith and a creative lens. Hopeful romantic. Rosé all day.

lindsay Young


Joy Harborer. Black Girl Magic Addict. Natural Hair Enthusiast. Black Feminist. Black mental health advocate. Heart and soul of a poet. No bark just bite when necessary.

Ashley R. Johnson

Situationships. Lifestyle

Cleveland is the Reason. A reader of vibes. "I am who I am which means I don't need to be saved by you." - Me EducatorTravelerLover. Living and learning and sharing the lessons from my heart.

Maiya Williams



Designer & Creative Business Consultant.
Native New Yorker. Proud Introvert. Sharp Tongued & Quick Witted. Stan for the power of therapy. Mom & pop shops over corporate chains. "I'm against a homogenized society because I want the cream to rise."


Gabrielle hickmon


Feminist. Wanderer. A Wild Thing. Professional Passport Stamper. Social Policy Enthusiast. Global Service Connoisseur w/a fixation on Higher Ed. Midwestern bred, East Coast converted. PolitiBAE Black is the new Black.
Neo-soul or Trap. "I'm not the type of woman that sits around waiting for a man!" - Samantha Jones 'Ain't afraid of life.'
Quote enthusiast. versatile. "Chef GirlRGabby" Your Grandmother's Protege a Katie girl. Realist, masquerading as a cynic, but really an optimist.

Katrice L. Mitchell


DMV Bred. Carolina Cultivated. Feminist. R&B Music Lover. Media Maven & #PR Girl. Proverbial optimist. Hopeful romantic. Unapologetically Black. "I do think as a woman you can have it all" - Victoria Beckham. #carefreeblackgirl.

Stephanie Emenyonu



Extroverted Introvert. Natural Hair Lover. crOWNed. Igbo Amaka. #BlackExcellence. Colorado born & raised. Proud nerd. She who perseveres, wins.


jakira shaw


New Yawker | Jamaican Roots. Neutral and nudes with a pop of color sass. Beauty Junkie. Capable. What good do your words do if they can’t understand you? -Muva Badu Cocoa butter kisses. Likkle likkle mek big.

kira west


Travel Enthusiast. Always willing to eat something new. #Foodie Admirer of the world and far off places. Real life Karmen Sandiego. Brooklyn Born and Raised (NYC will always be home). Runner, on the road to a full Marathon. Realist by nature with a new found focus on opportunity and positivity. Believer in everyone's magic, "....Common people like you and me are builders of eternity."

lena madison


Small town girl with a global perspective. Feminist. Self-Love Practitioner. Yogi in Training. Professional Bruja.
Platinum Rule Proponent.
Catch me at the intersection of Law and Culture.
"There is no competition when you're walking in your Truth."