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    Artist Spotlight: Shea Guerrero

    Artist Spotlight: Shea Guerrero

    Shea Guerrero aka abnormallyus is a visual experimental artist from Long Island, NY. She creates energy through expression illustrations, paintings, musical compositions and events. A Black-Dominican queer woman, the art she creates focuses on personal life, spirituality, emotions/mental well-being, the African-American community and self. In 2018, she hosted 4 events and participated in at least 15 art shows. She seeks to continue to use her art and platform to influence young women and men of color to be themselves and love themselves no matter the mental barriers or constraints society places on them.


    “This digital painting is a portrait of what I think of when I see a Black person. We have many layers and so much creativity on the inside – that’s why I used so many colors. The big lips and nose are something I highlight in my art frequently. And the hair of course is loc’d, a hairstyle that Black people have created and own!”

    Shea Guerrero


    “A bit different than my usual style, this shows three Black woman standing beside each other pretty much together in unison.”

    Shea Guerrero

    How does your Blackness live in the world?

    “My Blackness lives in the world, I guess I just do the best I can do be me. I wear my afro or twists at work. I walk with my head high and create on my own accord as a woman of color. Blackness is everything from the words we speak, the style we teach, and the truth we live everyday just by waking up knowing someone has a judgment on us just because of our appearance. I live my Blackness by never backing down from something that seems “out of the norm” for people of color. I know in my mind that in order for us to really come together and rise up, our Blackness has to shine a little brighter for our community.”

    We’re thankful to Shea Guerrero for sharing her work with us and love how her style puts Blackness front and center – unabashedly. You can keep up with her via her website or follow her on Instagram.


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