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    I will call this chapter…to love.

    I am learning to trust the process
    As autumn leaves fall from trees
    Firmly rooted in the ground

    I am learning,
    Though strength comes from an inward place,
    Even strong roots have to drop dead weight.

    I am learning to embrace sweat
    Trickled down by summer’s heat,
    That temptation, a succulent fruit
    But denial, the sweetest juice.

    I am learning to dance in rain –
    That May’s showers bring wisdom
    That may enhance joy within

    I am learning to trust coolness in air
    When Earth stands still,
    Embraces chill from winter falling

    I am learning to trust you:
    When you say you love me + don’t mean it,
    Want me + can’t prove it,
    Kiss me + I can taste her cherry chapstick on your lips

    I am learning to trust my intuition
    That has led me to you
    To this experience
    That is teaching me

    Love is patient
    And kind
    And will never be fully mine
    Because we never fully belong to who we give ourselves to
    Not by infidelity
    But this love, an inward journey
    To you
    To us
    To freedom
    To me

    Your love has taught me to trust little things you don’t say
    Appreciate little things you don’t do

    For within these moments,
    I have found myself
    Worthier than I deemed you.

    So, what shall I call this chapter?
    I think I’ll call this The Book of Life.
    And no, it’s not a “chapter name”,
    But it’s a start to an end I don’t know will finish
    Or where
    Or how
    It’ll finish

    But I trust the process
    For it has always guided me
    Safely home
    To love.


    Kevanté A. C. Cash
    Kevanté A. C. Cash

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