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    To love someone in a different language is

    A practice in surrender

    Only if

    You actually surrender


    It becomes a practice in fight

    In pride

    In knowing your own pain better

    Than knowing listen

    Knowing when to gift silence

    Gift solace

    Gift I have never been so sorry

    To love somebody different than you

    Is a lesson in learning

    How to let go

    How to both hold your own

    And each other

    How to leave room for fuck up

    And forgiveness

    How to practice love in an unfamiliar tongue

    In an unfamiliar feel

    To see and be seen

    Brand new

    To love someone you do not understand is

    A lesson

    That kicks your teeth so far in

    You never forget it

    Never forget them

    Only way up for air is

    Learn to understand better

    Learn love better

    Love them better

    Even after they’ve gone

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    Lindsay Young
    Lindsay Young

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