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    My rage

    Has relaxed into

    The sadness that

    It has tried to save me from

    And in it

    We are happy

    In it

    Your hand,

    A gentle kiss

    On the small of my back

    Asks me

    To stay pressed


    Against all your soft

    And I do

    And I can

    My mouth

    A haven for your


    Our limbs

    An extension into

    A creature made


    Of Love

    Nothing is hurting

    Nothing is pulling us

    Into deeper water

    Tying the rope to

    The neck of each other

    Nothing asks us to go anywhere

    Only here

    Where we haven’t stopped touching

    Haven’t stopped talking

    An endless prattle

    Of what we love best about each other

    Forever evolving

    Into the next new thing

    And we are singed

    At the waist with Love

    Pinched tight

    At the arms with Love

    Dripping wet

    With the best of each other


    At the sound

    Of the other’s heart beat

    An uninterrupted love

    A brave love

    A bendable love

    So absolute

    We don’t have to ask

    Anything of it

    Not even a breath

    A love that knows how to find us in the next life


    No threat to

    Our pledge to one another

    A love that does not hurt

    Or harm

    Or call away

    Or hang up

    Or give in

    But in this life

    You sleep sound

    Without me

    We learn to lead our lives


    Each other

    Out of necessity

    And it hurts

    And it still hurts

    I’m not angry anymore

    Just a shell

    Wishing itself

    Into another life

    Where you and I

    Are still

    In love

    Lindsay Young
    Lindsay Young

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