To Philly. From NY, With Love

I told you that on my worst days

I would watch the sun rise and set

For only moments of joy at a time


That I could sustain my sanity for hours

On 5 minutes of peace


You’ve sent me a picture of the sun in motion most days since

With out words,

Said, “I don’t know if today was mountain

Or molehill,

But either way

I want to make sure that you don’t miss your favorite part.”



Waking up in New York feels like dead center of 12 hours

That the best parts have me strung between them

Then I pack the last of my breath into a front seat

And drive into the sun


Until I am home.

Until suburb

Turns highway

Turns your arms

And I can let my breath go


You have loved very few things more than the city you were born into

And you have loved me in it

Shared every favorite place

Every block, a story

Every stoplight, a sweaty palm

Every bridge, a forehead kiss


I have never felt allegiance to a city

Never felt rooted to concrete enough to stay,

Only a fear of leaving

Only an open window to keep my calm safe


But if I can have a moment

Your hand on my chest,

My heart steady

If loving you outside state lines

Feels a lot like chasing the sun


I can sit still sometimes

Blink into a pink sky

And exhale

And exhale

Images: Via my better half 

Lindsay Young

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