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    In Love With Your Rhythm

    we are a garden
    the green plants are more vivid
    rooted in good soil

    your love for me blooms
    proves faint prayers matter too
    it reflects God’s sun

    just your existence
    gives me energy unmatched
    perils can’t touch me

    strategic movements
    tore down heart walls and guards for
    love overflowing

    with you by my side
    dark clouds are replaced by days
    abundant with bliss

    you are where my words
    feel so uninhibited
    here my art is safe

    my ears to your chest
    thankful for stars aligning
    for time spent with you

    your heart’s trumpets sound
    the same way I imagine
    heaven’s orchestra

    lost in the tempo
    careful to not lose senses
    so familiar with  you

    I press in closer
    silently wishing God would
    make time move slower

    after all these years
    in love with your rhythm still
    keep growing deeper

    thank you for being
    someone whose love anchors me
    together we fly

    Photo: Dream Decor

    Chymere Hayes
    Chymere Hayes

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