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    I’ve never lost a love before

    Never mourned the absence of

    Someone who has known me

    To know me is

    A drop through a trap door

    A slow leak turned flood

    A glitch in the multiverse

    Where in this life

    I let you slip into conversation

    Even after you’ve gone

    I make a song from your name

    I say that I love you

    Only as place holder

    For you are my entire world

    To be a person that I love is

    A proof of permanence

    How the empty space you leave

    Is just a place to put my flowers

    To let their bloom be a testament

    To what still lives here

    I’ve never lost a love before

    Because I have never stopped loving anybody that I have loved

    The ones that find the front door

    Turn it from myth

    To legend

    Say they have seen me naked

    Completely clothed

    Say they have seen me crumble

    Heard the crunch of my decay

    Watched the dirt of me stick to my own hands

    And still marvel at my rise


    And again

    You are gone now

    And your place in my chest is still warm

    And for that I cannot call you lost

    For that I plant a seed

    In memory

    Of you being here

    At all  

    Lindsay Young
    Lindsay Young

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