To Love a Selfish Man/A Lesson In Vengeance

You asked for my hand

And I held yours in mine


Asked for a kiss

And I gave two



Turned to mouth

And you swallowed the sound


My hand turned to wrist

And I relaxed at your grip


Went blind when you asked for my eyes

Limp when my legs caved in


You did not have to ask for my knees

I kneeled at the sight of you


Your lap an alter

Your teeth a stack of scripture


Loving you meant staying pious

Meant never leaving your feet

Meant taking back all of my body

Only to better serve you


Meant only one way out of this empty church


Meant a fantasy of eating your skin

Draining your blood into wine glass


Sleeping sound with your body

Nailed to the space above my bed


And sometimes,

I pray to it


Remember all the testimonies you made of me

Laugh at their echo.

Lindsay Young

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