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    Reigning Women: Brittney Winbush

    Brittney Winbush

    Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you and where are you headed?

    In short form, I’m Brittney. I am a Brittney in a sea full of Brittneys trying to establish a name and an identity for myself, so when one is to ask the ever popular question, “Which Brittney?” I hope the answer speaks volumes to the work I’ve done, the company I’ve built, and the company I keep. So, I’m Brittney the little black girl who was born to be an entrepreneur, who will pick experiences over material things, the girl whose bank statement is mainly restaurants and wine. A candle and tea loving, mental health advocate, that’s me. As I continue on in life, I want to continue to do work that makes me happy, that is pleasing to God and is rewarding in all aspects. I’m heading towards being a very successful business owner of several businesses, a public speaker, actress – honestly I’m claiming it all, I know my God, so I’m not limiting myself.

    How did you get your start in content creation and entrepreneurship? Who or what inspired you? And, you recently started a company. Talk to us about where Alexandra Winbush came from and where you hope it will grow.

    Brittney WinbushAlexandra Winbush actually came from my time of dealing with depression when I survived a house fire back in college. That was 5 years ago, I didn’t know at that time that those things would yield something so beautiful. And that’s why I’m telling you, you have to trust God. It took 5 years for me to figure out why I went through that fire, why I went through displacement and depression. It was all to birth Alexandra Winbush. The concept is a vibe in a box or a piece of peace. Each candle (that so politely tells you when to light it) is accompanied with tea and a curated playlist. Each set has a different vibe. There’s so much I have in store with Alexandra Winbush, I think I knew in the beginning that it would grow beyond candles and tea, which is why I named the company after myself, a classic and timeless name so that my company can grow with me.

    We first connected because of your blog, Which Brittney?, and then engaged further because of Creative Girl Gang. How did the skills you gained from both ventures help you with starting Alexandra Winbush? Can you speak to being okay with letting your interests grow, change, or manifest in different ways over time?

    My previous ventures were key components in helping me to be able to successfully create Alexandra Winbush. With “Which Brittney” I learned the importance of brand identity, my blog was all about me. It was important for me to find balance and clarify the identity of who I was “in blog form”. Trying to find the balance between being transparent and not going crazy. I sometimes found myself stuck because I didn’t know how to find the balance but now I do and I utilize that with AW. Before even getting started I decided what this company was and even more important what it wasn’t. When I did that everything was a little bit easier from deciding who to work with, branding, scents and flavors, website design and graphics, it was a smoother process. Creative Girl Gang taught me about teamwork and delegation. Also having a business with Ashley and Shema who are both graphic designers improved my eye for design. Ashley made the candle labels and Shema designed my box packaging. The way we understand each other and are able to work together comes from that business and of course being best friends.

    We are always evolving and the people around us are always evolving, I understand this and therefore I can accept change. It is scary, hard, and sometimes gives me anxiety but I want what’s best for myself, my business and the people I’m serving and that sometimes means knowing when to let go of something or alter something for the best.

    What opportunities do you see for women/women of color/girls like you in your field and how do you intend to positively influence this arena?

    Alexandra Winbush has a mission of mental health healing and awareness and as a black woman who has dealt with mental health issues for years, I think our community is under-served in this area. I want to – I have to change this. Whenever I candidly speak about my journey with depression and anxiety, I always get messages from other black girls sharing their stories and journeys. There’s obviously a need for an outlet. Depression doesn’t always look like the movies, sometimes it looks like the girl who has it all together on the gram – I would know. So I’ll keep spreading my truth and helping other black women on this journey. On our website, you can actually donate to our mental health initiatives. We want to start having events at high schools and eventually colleges as well. The “piece of peace” messaging in my company is not just a cute phrase, I really have a mission to give people that. Brittney Winbush

    What message would you give millennial WOC trying to become entrepreneurs?

    The advice I would give millennial women of color trying to be entrepreneurs, is to just do it. Sounds simple but sometimes we have to simplify because if not we will get in our heads and make excuses. “I don’t have enough money,” “I’ve never done this before,” “What if no one supports me?” I’ve been there, done that, and missed out on amazing opportunities because I crippled myself with the overthinking. I will tell you three things I did when starting Alexandra Winbush.

    1. I didn’t tell anyone. Life does not always go as planned. In the past I had put the added pressure of people knowing and anticipating. I was terrified of disappointing people because I had hyped something up. This time, I just dropped a whole company and everyone was like WHATTTTT. But it was done, I had everything done at that point and I could breath easy and go from there.
    2. I spent 2 weeks just jotting notes of every single idea for Alexandra Winbush. I have a 10 page doc in my computer of scattered notes; from names, colors, future goals, people, potential companies to work with, all that! I use that doc as a reference everyday. There’s so much stuff on there, I always have things to work on from there.
    3. I handled my legal business. If you are younger and just wanting to get started, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that but where I am in my life, I had to take care of all the legal stuff right away.

    What can we expect from you and Alexandra Winbush going forward? How can we be of support?

    Brittney Winbush

    You can expect a lot more great vibes from Alexandra Winbush and really soon you can expect a lot of original content. We are working to make Alexandra Winbush a lifestyle on and offline. If you want to support and stay updated, follow us on Instagram @thealexandrawinbush & subscribe to our website : alexandrawinbush.com You can also shop with us & chat live from our website if you need helping picking out the right vibe for yourself. That’s one of my favorite things to help my customers do!

    In the end, how do you want your story depicted? What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

    I am actively working on not overthinking things because it’s been a major cause of my anxiety but in the simplest form when it’s all said and done I want this Bible verse to reign true : “Well done, my good and faithful servant” Matthew 25:23


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    1. Vanessa
      January 30, 2020 / 8:59 am

      I great story of triumph and acceleration! Very inspiring!

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