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Philadelphia, PA 19104


WHO I am...

Sarcastic. Silly. Driven. Vintage. Modern. Wise. Funny. Perfectionist. Lazy. Willing to work for what I want. Lover of cheesecake and Chinese food. Nomad. City girl, by way of the 'burbs. Neo-Soul, unless studying, then always trap. Sometimes culturally inept, always politically correct. Home is everywhere. Words are everything. Only child, friend to many. Caffeine addict. Black, always. Ivy Leaguing. Feministing. Lipstick wearing. Simply complicated. Too much.

When I was four years old, I walked into my kitchen, and I told my mother, "I'm going to be President of the United States someday." She laughed, said "Ok, Gabby" and I continued to run and play. Little did we both know, that interaction and affinity for the Presidency, would shape who I would become in unimaginable ways. I'm in graduate school now (who let me finish undergrad?!) and self-identify as a ranting, raving, silly/sarcastic/intelligent, feministing, lipstick wearing, old movie watching, Chinese food eating, traveling, caffeine addicted young woman. I'm not always up on the newest movies or music, but I can dialogue with you for hours about global service learning, black feminism, or the State of the Union. Politics is my first love, and all the rest came later. I pride myself on having opinions, being blunt, going for it, and then backing it up. I'm the laziest perfectionist that you'll ever meet and aesthetics really matter to me. I float between being overly silly and sarcastic or driving myself a little crazy with all of my commitments. I should've been born in the 20's or 60's, you know, minus the whole racism thing. I'm Michelle Obama meets Audre Lorde meets Joan Clayton meets Olivia Pope (minus the affair) meets Clair Huxtable with a dash of Zora Neale Hurston and Beyonce thrown in there for good measure. I will yell at the top of my lungs at a sports game, go speak at the United Nations (which I've done by the way), and then twerk all night with my friends- all in the same day. I believe in always putting my best foot forward so you probably won't see me looking anything less than what my best looks like for that day, whether that be sweats in class or out on the town dressed to the nines. I'm learning to allow myself to be a vulnerable work in progress so my blogging will reflect my triumphs, tribulations, and everything in between. I don't have it all together. But I promise you- I'm going to figure it all out. Stay tuned & catch me at the White House! 

Why i write...

I write because words make sense to me. I consider myself a reader and because I've loved getting lost in world's created for me for so long, it just feels natural to create a world for others to get lost in too. I write because I'm too passionate and opinionated not to share what I think. I write because I'm always ranting. I write because I'm always feeling, and feeling very deeply at that. I write because sometimes getting thoughts down on paper, or in this case the internet, is easier than saying them out loud. I write for the women before me that wanted to write and for the women who will come after me who will want to write. I write because I have a point of view on the issues. I write because I am, because we are - I am, because they were. 

I write because I believe in getting lost and writing helps me find my way.