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    20 things to do before 21

    1. Create and stick to a budget for the 2.5 months I have leading up to my birthday (and after my birthday passes).
    2. Buy myself an amazing Valentine’s Day gift. I’m thorourgly enjoying being “alone” and want to celebrate all the progress I’ve made since this time last year.
    3. Make exercising 4 out 7 days of the week something I can’t live without. #GetitRightGetitTight
    4. Watch The Wire and OITNB.
    5. Make a vision board for year 21.
    6. Plan (and then take) a birthday trip with my friends.
    7. Land an internship for junior summer (so I can stop freaking out about it).
    8. Learn how to use my new camera. Create amazing images for The Reign.
    9. Clean out my closet because purging things is good and my style should reflect who I am now, not who I once was.
    10. Plan my solo trip to Seattle and take before the end of 2015.
    11. Learn to twerk.
    12. Call my parents, grandmother, and one family member weekly. Being busy is no excuse for not communicating with the most important people in my life.
    13. Start working on my thesis.
    14. Learn to say ‘no’. I don’t have to do or be everything to and for everyone. #theyearofselfcare
    15. Stop giving out my phone number. Dating moratorium? I think #yes.
    16. Create a business plan for my social venture. Gear up to launch in my senior year or after graduation.
    17. PLAN PERU!!!
    18. Find the perfect outfit to wear to whatever shindig I attend for le big 21.
    19. Read a book a month.
    20. Watch every Audrey Hepburn movie.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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