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    Three Years of Reigning.

    Freedom feels funny at first. Options. Everything being wide open. 

    There is an untold beauty in knowing that you can do, be, pursue, whatever you want. At least, I think so. 

    I turn 23 next month and I graduate from Penn in two months. And honestly, I have no clue what comes next. No clue where I’ll be living or working. No clue if I’ll have an income. No clue if my relationships will last past their current point. No clue what the future will bring. 

    I never planned for this part of my life. I always figured you go to school (elementary – college/professional) and then get married and have kids. Except, I have no earthly desire to be married or have kids right now. 

    I have no plans. At least, not plans the Type A side of me can get with. I know I want to start a PhD program at 25 but the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime? Who I am supposed to be? What do I want to pursue? 

    I have recently realized a few things: 

    1) I’m not special. Anything done to someone else can be done/happen to me. 
    2) Twenty-two has been for learning the things, people, places, and experiences that I want to say no to, so that I can say yes to more of what makes my soul soar. 
    3) Most seemingly bad situations are actually blessings in disguise. 

    Here’s the gag. There are going to be changes in my life. There are going to be changes in this space. I’ll hope you’ll come along for the ride with me. And I’d love to hear what you hope to see, read, and get from The Reign XY moving forward. What content do you love? What wouldn’t you mind seeing less of? What perspective is missing and how can it be added? 

    I’ve been writing on this here site for three years. Three years. The Reign XY saw me through Cornell, is seeing me through Penn and will see me through whatever comes next. 

    I hope you’ll continue to allow me to see you through and that we’ll figure out how to get over together. Respond in the comments or shoot an email and let me know what you love and what you hate. What to keep and what to change.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you… 

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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