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    Forever Don’t Last

    When I first heard ‘Forever Don’t Last’ by Jazmine Sullivan, I cried. It amazed me that she could so accurately describe so many of the feelings I’ve had over the past year. I’ve been a fan since her first album and was bumping Dumb ft. Meek Mill ALL summer. Yup, I was strutting around NYC mentally telling every guy that had ever left me, hurt me, or done me wrong that they were dumb. They’d regret it one day I told myself. (Why women do this is a whole nother story. Why I did that is a post for another day..)

    But the more I listened to Forever Don’t Last, the most I was reminded of a quote I’ve come to greatly appreciate. “First doesn’t always mean forever.” You might be thinking, well duh Gabby of course it doesn’t. (Try telling my 17 year old, in love for the first time self that. Try telling my 20 year old, going through her first major breakup self that as well.) Of course I appreciated the quote when I first heard it…but I also found it to be extremely sad. Why can’t first be forever?

    As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m wondering why I’m laying out many of my feelings for all of the world to see. I guess I just believe in authenticity. Feeling things doesn’t make me weak. Mourning the end of a relationship doesn’t make me pathetic. And looking forward to the day the sun shines again doesn’t make me opportunistic. You can take ‘Forever Don’t Last’ however you wish. I could argue it’s a woman lamenting a lost love and at the same time a manifesto about moving on.

    Forever doesn’t always last.. At least not with everybody. But my mom told me you have to look at situations like a gift- that way, when they end, it doesn’t seem like such a loss…

    So maybe forever don’t last. Maybe forever won’t last. Or maybe, first doesn’t always mean forever. And in my case, I’m learning (slowly but surely, because I swear to God, breakups suck and I wouldn’t wish my feelings over the past year on my WORST enemy) that it just might be better that way.

    PSA:: Whether or not you share the sentiments here, I just want to say that we can all appreciate Jazmine Sullivan’s voice. Her ability to get you in your feelings about something that never applied to you is second to none.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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