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    Exhuming and Exalting: A Sisterhood Soiree Review [?]

    It’s been two months since Exhuming and Exalting: A Sisterhood Soiree happened. Two months since The Reign XY’s first event. Two months since Roco and I created an amazing space for women of all ages and vocations to come together and just be whoever they were that night, that moment in time. 

    It’s taken me two months to write this post because me, my authentic self has been ripping and running all across, over and around the world. But wow. The first event. 

    It still feels like it happened yesterday. To be quite honest, there is a part of me that still can’t believe it happened. Believe I played a role in doing that. Believe women I knew and women I had never met before would come to an event that I helped dream up and put both together and on. Do you know what a responsibility that is? To be entrusted with people’s time? With people’s stories? With the parts of themselves or their life that they haven’t yet processed or don’t know how to make sense of? The good, the “bad,” the “ugly?” The disappointment and more importantly, the joy?

    It is both a high and an incredible reminder of why I got into this writing for a blog game in the first place. Of what I hope The Reign XY has been, is and will continue to be. A space for femmes of all shapes, sizes, colors, income brackets, locations, religions, abilities, sexualities and whatever other demographic marker I missed to come to(get)her to get some inspiration, encouragement, a laugh – to get whatever they need. 

    It was an honor to work with one of my favorite writers, Roconia Price of Moredinary and EverSoRoco, to create the event. Thanks for venturing out into the deep end with me and for all the texts at 2, 3 am. I guess we both can’t sleep. 

    Thank you to my personal OGs in the game for attending. Y’all know who you are. And I hope you know how much it meant to me to have you there. 

    Thank you to every woman who wanted to show up, to everyone women who did show up, and to every woman who will show up in the future for just being yourself and sharing the space. For taking the conversation where it went and being along for the ride of the experience we created. It’s funny, because we didn’t plan everything down to a tee, but we somehow looked up, and the night was over. 

    And thank you to The Reign XY for being my baby, my outlet, my saving grace, the place where I can show up as me always, all ways. May you continue to be a site of love, laughter, healing, and whatever else anyone who graces your presence may need. 

    Until the next one, 

    Photos: Jusna

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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