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    for when it is “over” #ForFebruary

    It will come like a thief in the night and catch you by surprise. 

    Come via phone. Text. Or maybe it won’t come at all. Will simply be, over. 
    You will be shocked because you didn’t think that forever had an end date in mind. Forever is supposed to mean mating for life. Except, when it only means mating for a time. 

    Courses. Running. When did we get on a track? Somehow, I missed that. 
    Forever can’t last too long if we give up on it. Stop trying. Mis-understand. Fail to communicate. 

    You will be depressed. Shed some tears. Realize that it was for the best or that things aren’t really over. You know, maybe they just need to settle down? You’ll worry though that it’s not possible to come back. Because, how do you come back from that?

    Losing a friend always hurts worse than any other breakup. Friends see it all. They’re in. In the thick of it. In the know. In your heart and on your mind. So, not being able to get on the same page hurts a bit more than normal and a whole lot more than expected. 

    You’ll be surprised. Wish them the best. Know that some people are meant for reasons, seasons, or all time. But mostly, you’ll wonder, what you could’ve done differently and how you ever reached a place where you’re left pondering, what happens when the friendship is “over?” 

    for when the friendship is “over.” 

    Image: Insecure HBO


    Gabrielle Hickmon
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