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    Let There Be Pants

    I made my own pants this week. 
    Exciting because I used to want to be a fashion designer. 
    Exciting because when someone asks me where they can get the pants from, the answer is “me.”
    Exciting because I couldn’t find them in any store even though I was ready to throw my coins. 

    If you ask me to explain my creativity, I will always lead with being a writer. Words are my currency and will forever be my first love. But, there’s something exhilarating about physically seeing the work of my hands. Being able to tangibly engage with this thing I created. I can put the pants on and feel the fabric against my skin. I’m enthralled. 

    My interest in breaking out the sewing machine again came from needing a creative outlet outside of writing. Thinking about scale and pitching and all the other things that come with running a blog/media-based company can really take the joy out of wordsmithing for a girl. I find that whenever my creativity wanes or the words seem hidden I need to play. Sometimes that means getting on a plane, going to see friends or hitting an exhibit. Right now, it means sewing. 

    This week’s guideline is short. It’s a question really. 

    Fruits of my labor. Works of my hands. 
    After all, art and ideas move… 
    It’s okay to have and pursue more than one creative passion or interest. 
    Even if all that comes of it is having some clothing you really wanted but couldn’t find. 

    I’m excited to see what if anything comes from reinvigorating this branch of my creativity. 

    How can you inject more play into your work? 
    How can you find a “new approach to an old dream” (word to Maura)? 

    P.S. More Museums after hours. That’s where the header is from. 😏

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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