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    for when you’re remembering what good feels like #ForFebruary

    It happens to the best of us. The turning on ourselves. Forgetting who we are. Accepting less than what we deserve. Neglecting to wholeheartedly pursue what we want. Until one day, something happens and we’re woken up. Reminded. Not only of who we are, but of what good feels like. Of how good feels better than bad.

    Problem is, the bad can be so addicting and what is one to do then? When your heart knows better but your brain is addicted to the person/place/behavior it knows just isn’t right. When good isn’t bad enough? When good doesn’t feel right anymore?

    Wrong only feels right because you stopped believing there could be good in your life. Stopped trusting that better is always out there and that the universe has got your back.

    Good feels like cruising with the windows down on a 72 degree day. Your music is playing. There’s no one else on the road and no clouds in the sky – the sky God hand painted blue, just for you. 

    Good feels like putting your favorite playlist on shuffle and not having to skip any of the songs that come on. It’s finding a lyric that speaks to your state of mind and a song that eternally lifts your mood.

    Good feels like getting the job you wanted and having someone special to celebrate with. It’s your family being proud of you and knowing you’re entering a space that will enable you to put yourself on.

    Good feels like the nap on Sunday, after church. You came home, opened all your windows, put on that playlist we talked about, and fell tf out. Woke up disoriented. Confused, but aware. Disjointed. But safe. Good is the second before you remember where you are or what day it is.

    Good feels like getting in your bag and never coming out. It’s walking in your purpose and focusing on yourself. Celebrating your joy and the joys of others without losing sight of who you are in the process.  

    Good feels like looking at your best friend across the room and communicating everything you both need to know without saying a word. It feels like friends that are more like family. Being understood. Seen. Chosen. Day by day. Again and again.  

    Good feels like when they start to act right. Or canceling them when they act wrong so that space can open up for right to come along.  

    Good feels like knowing that things will not always be perfect, but that the experience, the lesson will always be worth it. Giving yourself some grace. Grace to grow through.  

    Good is the reminder that love is always out there, the Universe is always in the mix, and there will always be a perfect manifestation of all your hopes and dreams if you only dare to believe.

    Good takes work.
    The work of reminding yourself that you’re worthy.
    The work of remembering that you deserve the best – your best and the best of those around you.
    The work of believing again, in-spite of all in your life that would try to stop you from having faith.
    The work of opening yourself up, to all the good the universe wants to bring your way.
    The work of not punishing anyone for the mistakes of your past.
    The work of trusting – God, yourself, your dreams. 
    The work of implementing. Following through. 

    The work of making wrong feel wrong again, so that good, feels right.
    for when you’re remembering what good feels like.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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    1. Marie
      February 15, 2017 / 12:09 am

      LOVE this! It was so beautifully written and so very much needed at this point in my life.

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