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    intrigue: how to “love” her

    She is intrigue.
    Simply complicated.
    Confident and insecure.
    Magical, but forgetful.
    Wanderer, secretly longing to plant roots.

    Love her, but do not leave her wild. For that will do her no good as her goal is not to roam aimlessly. No, she likes to have direction. So, love her and settle in – not down. Never down. For she will only ever want to go up, out, over, in, or around. 

    One day, you will think that you have her figured out. This is where you will be wrong. Wrong because people are never done, learned, sorted, or figured. But you will feel that she is and so you will leave her. 

    That is the problem with love rooted in intrigue. Intrigue for you, often, never always ends in devastation for me. 

    You will leave her because you feel that your curiosity has been satisfied. The enigma that she is and appeared to be has been solved for you. Solved only in your tiny, little mind. Except one day, down the line, you will see her or hear her name and realize that she went and changed again. Because that it was nuance does – always, in all ways goes deeper. 

    You see, she is breadth and depth and must be loved in both directions. Your wingspan must be both long enough to reach around her and tall enough to cover her when it rains. Rains. Because she will not always be sunshine. Often, but not always, will she be down, dark, or “in a mood” and to love her is to give her the space to bring herself back to herself. To trust that she will always be coming home to herself and you by default because you are the chosen one. 

    So, make sure you choose her back. Especially on the rainy days I mentioned before, because she will be easy to choose on her good days. 

    Love all of her shapes and sizes. Love the dreams she hasn’t even dreamt yet. Love her past your curiosities and even when her spirit makes no sense. Do not love her simply because she intrigues you – for that will not end well, for either of you. And, do not ever make her feel that she is being punished for her character, her way of being in the world. 

    Intriguing girls are just that because the layers of their worlds are hard to decipher. One day she makes sense and the next even she does not know what she is talking about. She might not be sure of exactly what her gifts are and what she is meant to do with them, but she knows that her destiny is something big. She will do her best to be love in its purest form both for, to, and with you. Always offering pieces of herself. Scattering them around. Leaving them behind. For she is unafraid of destruction because of her boundless faith in her ever present ability to rebuild. She may run a little wild and feel a little unstable. But no matter where she is in the world, know that if she has chosen you, then you will be her true North – the way home. 

    Intriguing girls are just that because they are hard to figure out. However, your curiosity alone is not reason enough to engage. 

    Love her for her complexity. Or do not love her at all. And most of all, please, please, leave your intrigue at the door. 

    “I’m intrigued by you. You should let me get to know you.” 
    Thanks, but no thanks.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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