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10 promises to my post-grad self

Gabrielle's World

10 promises to my post-grad self

Gabrielle Hickmon

Graduation, like any other milestone represents a chance to reflect, regroup, and re-energize. I got to thinking about ways I have let myself go, things I used to do and miss, and the woman I hope to be in the future - all of which led to me to this list. Ten promises to my post-grad self because I want this next chapter to be one of my best yet. 

1. I promise to celebrate you more. 

Graduating, going to grad school, traveling the world, you've already done so many things to proud of. I promise to stop and revel in the moment, in the accomplishment a bit more. 

2. I promise to take better care of you. 

Remember that gym pass we bought and didn't use all semester? No more of that. I promise to be more conscious about what I'm putting into you, how much water you drink, sleep you get, and SPF you wear. I promise you'll feel and be healthier. 

3. I promise to stay open to life and love.  

We both know you've closed yourself off before, but out there, you can't afford to do that. I promise to guard your heart and everything that flows from it. 

4. I promise to invest in experiences and take you on adventures. 

Whether this means traveling to the far corners of the earth or taking a cooking class just for kicks, I promise to make sure you get out there and try things. As great as your room is, you can't live a full life from it. 

5. I promise you'll keep in touch or at least make a personal effort to.

 I know you're afraid of what happens post-graduation and I promise I won't let you stop trying to stay close to your friends. But, I also promise that those who are meant to be in your life will be. 

6. I promise to set new goals and keep working towards the ones we haven't reached yet. 

I promise not to let you look up in five, ten, fifteen years and not recognize yourself or your life. I promise to stay focused and adjust as necessary. 

7. I promise to get and keep our finances together. 

Financial freedom is a real goal. So, I promise to say no when we can't afford it. I promise to learn how to budget and then be disciplined enough to stick to it. I promise to treat you every now and then and to create a financial future that benefits you, your parents, and your future kids. 

8. I promise to always keep London in the mix - to never let you stop dreaming. 

But, if you're going to dream, I'm going to make you back it up and put in the work. I promise to never let you settle. 

9. I promise to find you a spiritual home. 

It's time we started going back to church. I promise to find you somewhere to worship, somewhere to be nurtured, somewhere to be challenged, and somewhere to grow. 

10. I promise to never let you stop learning. 

Knowledge comes in all shapes and sizes and I promise to always let you pursue it. Whether it means going back to school, buying a ton of books, attending a lecture, wandering around an art museum, I promise to always appreciate and honor your intellectual curiosity. 

I promise to love you, to cherish you, to honor you, and to only allow people in your space who do the same. I promise that we'll create the life you always wanted and if it ends up sucking, we will dare to create something new and better. I promise that dreams you didn't even know you had will come true. 

Here's to you kid.

What promises or resolutions are you making towards your post-grad, new job, new city, new month self?