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    Sisterhood. #ExhumingExalting

    I wasn’t born with any sisters, yet somehow ended up with some. 
    More than I can count. Some who chose me, and others who were chosen. 
    Ultimately, we choose each other. 

    My childhood bestfriend had three sisters and I wanted so badly to be her fourth. It seemed so nice to have a friend, companion, person, that would be there for you for life. I didn’t yet understand that sometimes water is thicker than blood and that sisterhood, was one of the most powerful loves known to (wo)man. 

    See, I came to know sisterhood while laying on a twin XL in Uj crying in Jakira’s lap about a boy who broke my heart. Coming home, finding Kada in my bed, and just going to sleep too. “I’m so glad you guys are here,” in a text from Des. Ashley laying clear every thought that was ever in my head. Nadia’s random catch up calls. When Makeeta and I finally thawed. The way Dom and I just get it each other. And in a Taylor who never judges. Lauren who always helps me out. Maura who always lifts me up. Morgan who’s sure to leave a smile on. My dear Trisha who paved the way. And Mattie Mae, who was the path herself. Jackie who became a friend. Wow, this list could never end. 

    They say that Black Girls Are Magic, and I would never dream of disputing that fact. But I also know, as a magical Black girl, that our power lies in a pact. A pact we made to see each other, when no else is paying attention. To listen to each other, when it seems the world can’t or won’t hear us. To uplift each other, because there’s so much out there that tries to tear us down. To call each other Queen and wear our crowns. 

    I used to pray for a sibling. A little sister or a brother. 

    Lucky enough for me, life brought me both in spades. Aunts and Uncles for my kids. Godparents. People to share my life with. And though I love my brothers, I do. It’s my sisters, I’ll be sure to always hold on to.

    For they see me in a way that no one else can. 
    And as long as I’m reflecting their light? 


    My sisters, sisterhood, it’s the only magic I’ve ever known and magic I will forever be willing to place every bet on. To every woman, that has shown up for me, shows up for me, and will show up for me, thank you. If you tell me how to show up for you too, I promise, I’ll do my best to be there. 

    I see you. I love you. We gone be alright. 

    This piece was written as a lead up to The Reign XY’s event with Moredinary, Exhuming and Exalting: A Sisterhood Soirée. If you’re interested in exploring what exhuming and exalting means to you or desire to connect with likeminded women creatives around notions of authenticity in our crafts and storytelling, I hope you’ll join me and Roconia Price of EverSoRoco and Moredinary at our Sisterhood Soirée April 22nd, 2017 in Washington D.C. Join us as we get past the business card bullshit so that we can connect and encourage each other in a genuine way. No pretenses. No judgement. No masks. Tickets are $25 and we would really love to see you there. 

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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