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    Green tea girl, coffee week

    I used to be a coffee girl. A coffee girl? Yes, I was a coffee girl. I drank coffee every day. Every day, multiple times. But that was then, and this is now. I’d like to consider myself a reformed coffee addict. I still in indulge from time to time, but the craving is gone. 

    Enter last week. Enter the month of March. 
    Green tea has gone right now the window and coffee has so lovingly filled it’s spot. March is always a busy month at Cornell and I’m not quite sure why I thought March as a second semester senior would be any less busy than it has in the past. Nope, it hasn’t. It’s worse. Graduation can’t come fast enough. 

    But, this post isn’t about complaining. I just wanted to take some time to share somethings that helped me survive last week, lessons learned, and prayers for how I’m going to get through March. 

    1. His grace is sufficient for me and my gifts are making room for me. 

    Let me tell you about how good God is. There were multiple times last week when I thought I forgot to do something, and had already done it weeks ahead of time. Readings I was tripping over already had notes on my computer. Meetings I had were canceled or were moved to email. Opportunities were flooding my email and iMessage inboxes. It seemed like every time I got off kilter, God sent something or someone to right the ship. 

    Let His grace be sufficient for you and trust that your gifts, when coupled with action will make room for you. 

    2. Wake up early and operate on auto-pilot in the morning. 

    I’ve been trying to get on my millionaire wave and wake up at or before 6am everyday. I was actually doing really well with this before winter break and upon arrival back at school. But then, I got a little too comfortable and a little too tired and started to let myself sleep in. What I realized is that, I NEED that time in the morning to meditate, pray, read my Bible, drink my green tea, get stuff done. Last week, I when I was letting myself sleep in, I found that I was arriving to the day – classes, meetings, relationships – off balance and out of wack. I was quicker to anger and faster to speak and losing that uninterrupted time to commune with God and myself took a toll for the worse. Whether or not anyone else noticed, I did. Coffee being the current mode of operation isn’t an excuse for me to slack off on the things I say I want to do. We’ve got to continue to follow through even when life gets busy. 

    This also includes laying my clothes out at night, packing my bag in the AM, and setting out whatever I’m going to eat for breakfast the night before. There’s enough going on in my brain and mornings are already hard enough – prepping the night before actually does make things easier. 

    3. Set boundaries. Time is sacred. “No” is a full sentence.  

    Commitments are a real thing. Class, work, clubs, personal endeavors are a real thing. I often feel like there are 24 hours in a day and 48 hours worth of things to do. The only way to get everything done I’m realizing is to set real boundaries on my time and not be afraid to tell people “no.” They might not like it, but people who truly support/care about me will understand and you I owe anyone an explanation. 

    I realized how valuable my time is after people kept thanking me for giving them some it. If other people value it so much, it’s high time I did too. Can’t be and do everything for everyone. Got to prioritize. 

    4. Embrace the coffee. 

    I’m a firm believer that there is a reason, a season, and a time for everything under the sun. My current prayer is that God’s will be done in my life. I’m simply hoping it matches up with mine. Well, if this is a season of coffee and not green tea, then I know it’s happening for a reason and that there are things I need to learn from it. Instead of fighting the coffee and the lessons it’s supposed to be teaching me, I’m going to work on embracing it – without getting addicted because addiction is no fun. 

    Here’s to senior spring and operating somewhere in between coffee and green tea (even though balance is BS). *wink wink*

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    Gabrielle Hickmon
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