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    With high hopes for you…

    1. Get to know your career, student, or general advisors. They do actually want to have a relationship with you. They will hold it down.
    2. Travel, as far and as wide as you can. When the chance to go to a far off land, no matter where and no matter for how long presents itself to you- take it.
    3. Take classes that interest you. Take classes that you’ve never heard of before. Take classes that will help you prepare for the person you want to be in the future. Take classes that will help you create the life you want for yourself. Yes, grades are important, but so are your passions – never lose sight of them.
    4. If you are going to work, get a job that will help advance you. You want to go to grad school? Work as an undergradute research assistant. You want to go to med school? Work in a lab. While you might just be working to afford concerts, makeup, and weekend trips, do something you can add to your resume. You will be more fulfilled and thankful to have some experience when you graduate.
    5. Seek out mentors. Seek out sponsors. Know the difference. Mentors guide you. They give you advice. Sponsors, they sponsor you. Know the difference. Have a few of each in your corner.
    6. If available to you, join programs/clubs/organizations related to your personal or career interests (even better if they speak to both). The people you meet in these organizations will become your network. If you work your network correctly, you will get ahead.
    7. Do not pay for anything. Your university is full of programs, departments, and centers that have money. Figure out how to utilize your resources.
    8. Have a plan. Know that it will change. Map out what courses you think you want to take. Set a goal for what continents, countries, cities you would like to travel to. Dream about what you want to do after graduation. Make it happen. Get people on your side – namely those with the money and power – to invest in you. Make your dreams theirs. Or, at least allow them to help you reach yours.
    9. Make it your mission to get everything you can from your university. It was created for you. Own that. Take advantage of whatever is offered to you – whether big or small. Walk your campus thankful for the opportunities available to you- not everyone has so many choices. Leave your campus prepared for whatever you decide to conquer next.
    10. Surround yourself with friends who get it and who get you. You will not make it graduation on your own. You will need people to cry to. You will need people to laugh with. You will need people who set your soul free.

    PS: Ask for what you want. You’re a self-managing adult now for the most part. People will help you, pay for experiences for you, and connect you, if you just have the guts to ask.

    With high hopes for you…

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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