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    7 Creative Conferences to Attend in 2019

    7 Creative Conferences to Attend in 2019

    While we’re past the point of Happy New Year messages, it is still early enough in 2019 to be thinking about ways you want to level up this year. What routines can you put in place? What experiences can you give yourself? What relationships can you develop? A great way to expose yourself to new ideas, practices, and people is attending creative conferences. Not all creative conferences are just panels for people to put on their resume, some creative conferences will really provide value.

    Here are 7 creative conferences (plus two bonus mentions) I think do just that.


    This conference is for you if you’re Black and in tech, have a start-up or are an entrepreneur or if you’re Black and want to be any of those things. It’s being held in Oakland, California this November 7-10th this year.

    Price: $150-$650

    Culture Con

    Culture Con “celebrates the influence creatives of color make on society & the culture that influences it.” It’s an ideas conference meant to bring those of us doing the work today together while creating space to inspire the next generation. It was held in NYC last year. To our knowledge, dates for 2019 have not yet been released, but you should stay tuned for that drop!

    Price: Not yet released

    21Ninety Summit

    It takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to form a lifestyle making 21Ninety a place for women of color to learn about new things in beauty, wellness, and health. This year the summer is being held June 7th and 8th in ATL.

    Price: $150-$750


    BlogHer is an organization founded in 2005 that’s mission is simply for women to inspire women. Since then they have put on conferences across the United States with all aimed at finding at serving women bloggers. They have multiple conferences a year around different themes, so you’ll have to keep up with their website to stay up to date!


    A premiere conference held in Austin, Texas that brings together powerhouse creatives, artists, tech entrepreneurs and leaders in their field, SXSW is a 10-day event that’s for sure worth attending. It’s being held from March 8-17th this year.

    Price: $1125 – $1450

    Women in Travel Summit

    A conference I really want to attend, the Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful is the best event for women travel influencers, creators, and the brands who want to work with them. Conferences are held in both North America and Europe. In North America from May 5-7th in Portland, Maine.

    Price: $149-$499

    Well Read Black Girl Fest

    Attend the Well Read Black Girl Festival to connect with other well read Black girls as well as hear from some famous authors and writers. This year will mark the third festival and it’s amazing to see what has become of an online community and even that was first put on in 2019 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s being held in November this year though dates have not yet dropped.

    Price: $45-55

    Other notable creative conferences?

    Create & Cultivate and for our friends across the pond, Black Girl Fest. I just may have to pop over to London for that one.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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