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    Kim Davis = Rosa Parks? #Nah

    Why is it that I can’t seem to get through the week without some seemingly well intentioned person (often a white woman- example: Miley at the VMAS, Taylor Swift just in general, etc….) doing something that lends itself towards cultural appropriation, racism, or just being dumb? 

    This week’s contestant? Kim Davis, a Rowan County, Kentucky clerk that has taken it upon herself to decide what laws can be enforced and which cannot. Her enemy? The Supreme Court’s recent decision to legalize gay marriage. Now, regardless of your opinion on gay marriage – you should agree with me that public officials shouldn’t have the ability to decide which laws will be enforced and which laws won’t. (Of course we Black people have known my theory regarding this to be just that, a great theory that doesn’t actually happen in practice in America.)

    Davis has decided that she isn’t going to offer marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples because of her religious beliefs. And, I mean listen, you have every right to believe whatever you choose to – America was founded on the principle of freedom of religion meaning that we don’t actually have a national religion. This of course means that America is not actually a Christian nation, but what do I know? Oh right, I know that no one should be able to deny anyone rights because of their beliefs or try to shove said beliefs down the throat of others (even though it’s of course been happening in this country for centuries – hello, slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese “concentration” camps, the genocide of Native American communities, the list goes on). Like, who does Kim think she is? 

    GOP Presidential candidates are of course jumping all over her story and using it for campaign fodder. Mike Huckabee is willing to go to jail in her place because white women must always be protected and people are comparing Davis to Rosa Parks. We all know Mike Huckabee wouldn’t have gone to jail for Rosa. 


    Rosa Parks’s famous ‘Nah’ moment in 1955 sparked the Birmingham bus boycott, which helped solidify the Civil Rights Movement. She was, no, Rosa Parks is (yes I know she passed away many years ago) a national treasure and to compare Kim Davis to her is a disgrace. Why is it that standing up for what one believes in is only okay when people who believe themselves to be white and claim to be Christians are doing it?  #BlackLivesMatter is now a hate group and Kim Davis is the Rosa Parks of the 21st century. It’s okay to deny people their freedoms under the law in the name of religious freedom? Like… whet?

    I’m sorry, but for once, I would just like for white people to leave Black people – our heroes, our triumphs, our culture, etc. out of it. Kim Davis is and never will be Rosa Parks. She couldn’t handle being a Black woman – now and for sure not during the 1950s. I’m tired of people always wanting to be Black (because it’s LITTTT), compare certain things to the Black struggle, or co-opt our stories, heroes, and culture, without actually being down for the Black cause at all. 

    It terrifies me to think that there are people in America who fail to realize that Davis is the bus driver, not Rosa. Sully the name of your own heroes for once and let dear Rosa rest in peace. 

    *Note: this piece is not meant to rail against all white women or Christianity – BUT it is meant to rail against supporters of Kim Davis or people who might behave like she does. #sorrynotsorry

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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