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    Given recent events that have happened across the country and conversations/misunderstandings at Cornell among men and women in the community, we would like to host a dialogue where all parties involved can air their grievances, learn about how their peers feel, and be appreciated for their contributions to the community. 

    More details about the time and venue will be forthcoming in the coming days. But for now…

    The organizers  hope that this dialogue will be a safe space for all in the community to have a conversation about the good, bad and ugly in a manner that will enable us to move forward as a united community – as a community that understands each other and than actively builds on that understanding by engaging with the issues in manners that push us towards consciousness and unity. 

    The dialogue will focus on affirmations and ways we as a community can better support each other at Cornell. We all have the same goal- which is to graduate- but we should have some fun and make some friends along the way. In order to assist the facilitators of the discussion, we would ask all interested parties to fill out this form.

    Please feel free to affirm specific individuals about specific things they have done for you. Your comments will be shared with no one but the founders/runners of The Reign and the individuals you mentioned in your comments. (Please leave your name if you would like them to know who the affirmation is coming from.)

    Please feel free to state specific ways anyone in the community – male or female alike- could make you/the larger community feel more supported. These comments will be collected and read by the facilitators of the event (no one else) in order to guide and steer the dialogue.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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