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    That Rihanna Reign Just won’t Let Up

    We’re only five months into 2018 and one name is circulating that just won’t stop, RIHANNA. Our favorite bad gyal is dominating the headlines and the #RihannaReign won’t let up.

    With the launch of Fenty Beauty, Fenty x Puma and now Savage x Fenty; Rihanna is expanding her empire before our very eyes. We are witnessing Rihanna cement her legacy of being more than a force in music with pure finesse.

    The launch of Fenty Beauty was met with much acclaim and finally gave the girls what we’ve been yearning for – makeup of great quality that’s available in multiple shades. Watching Rihanna’s hustle is inspiring and also shows us TWO imperative lessons.

    Lesson 1:  Don’t be afraid to test interests in other areas.

    Rihanna has proven that her abilities extend beyond music. From receiving awards at the Grammy’s, the Council of Fashion Designers of America Inc. and even Harvard; Rihanna is not only performing in different industries but performing well, just by stepping outside of what we recognized her for. She has stepped into areas she’s always been interested in.

    While it can be easy to stay in our comfort zones, we should test the waters in our other areas of interest. Watching Rihanna do just that has been inspiring to say the least. She’s created multiple spaces for herself instead of being pigeonholed to one specific area.  

     Fenty Beauty

    Fenty Beauty

    A few weeks ago I saw the word “Multipotentiality” floating around, which describes an individual’s ability to excel in two or more different areas of expertise. This describes Rihanna and many others perfectly. If we allow ourselves the chance to explore the variety of talents we have, we may be surprised to see the success we can achieve. Oftentimes, we are told to have tunnel vision in regards to keeping to one area of interest. While this may work for some, it is not always the case for those drawn to areas outside their core interest. As we’ve learned from watching the #RihannaReign, nothing beats a failure but a try.

    Lesson 2: Make sure your venture is fulfilling a need. 

    Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty debuted in September 2017 receiving both critical and commercial acclaim. The success of Fenty Beauty was not happenstance; it’s steeped in a desire to meet the needs of many women of color.  As we know, makeup aisles are filled with product lines from some of the most notable celebrities, but Fenty Beauty changed the beauty game by differentiating themselves from the rest.  

    When Rihanna spoke in-depth with Vogue’s Hamish Bowles at the Forces of Fashion conference, she emphasized the importance of perfecting Fenty Beauty, which took her nearly three years to make. With two years in development and many months of testing and retesting Fenty Beauty needed to be perfect. “I’ve always wanted to do makeup. I wanted it to be something that girls love, for it to be respected by professionals, and I wanted something that felt like me—reflective of makeup I love and I generally want to wear. The first woman I saw put makeup on her face was a black woman—my mom—and when I think of my customers, I want everyone to feel like they can find their color, that they are represented as part of this new generation.”

    The connection Rihanna has to the product and customers is what makes Fenty Beauty stand out from the rest. It appeals to women who haven’t always been represented at beauty counters by fulfilling their needs. Though Rihanna has a deep admiration for beauty and makeup her goal was for Fenty Beauty to be respected and usable. Rihanna was quoted in CNBC saying, “I always wanted it to be something that was respected and if I feel like I’m not there yet, I’m not even gonna make an attempt. So I did my research working on something independently but it was very premature.”

    Doing her research to tailor her product to her niche demographic paid off in more ways than one. Aside from the profits, it has allowed her to carve her own unique niche in a large market while giving a voice to the many women of color that weren’t represented before. The lesson here? Successfully meeting a need for your respected field will always yield success.

     Savage x Fenty

    Savage x Fenty

    We’re only in the second quarter, yet we’ve witnessed Rihanna continue to grow. Savage x FENTY drops today and we know it will only be another success.

    Take advantage of the aforementioned lessons to unlock your potential and make 2018 and the years after YOUR best year.

    IMAGES via: Rihanna’s Instagram

    Katrice Mitchell
    Katrice Mitchell

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