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    The Literati Book Club

    When I was a kid, I learned to read using Hooked-on-Phonics. I fancied myself Rory Gilmore and carried a book with me everywhere! Then, Cornell came along and took away the joy of reading for fun. Well, in an effort to reclaim my love of reading, I’ve been trying to read more books this winter break. Then, I realized it would be awesome to discuss them with other people! So, I’m starting a virtual book club for women, bloggers, writers – really just anyone who wants to join! 

    Here are the breaks: 
    – We’ll read a book every three weeks/month unless people need more time (yay 12 books in 2016 at minimum!). 
    – We’ll have monthly Twitter chats using #TheLiterati to discuss the book. 

    That’s it! Stay tuned for the first book. We will start reading on January 1st, 2016! 



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