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    There’s been a lot of headassery taking place in the world, but especially the media lately. Let’s start with Cam Newton, formerly one of the blackest NFL quarterbacks acting like Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest is incredulous and the way that people react to his “antics” on the field isn’t racism. Because as quoted in GQ, “We’re beyond that as a nation.”
    That being race. Which, we are by no means beyond as a nation. 

    Then, you’ve got Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian proclaiming to not be feminists. As if being a feminist, meaning someone that believes in equality of the sexes is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, I know that FEMINISM is a dirty word for some. I just don’t see it that way. And, it kills me when women with a platform speak against feminism or reject the label while at the same time seeming to describe exactly what feminism is and stands for at its core. 

    SJP believes in equal pay for women and equality but wouldn’t call herself a feminist because she’s tired of “separation.” Kim Kardashian, one of the most body positive, MILF, do what I want and screw what you think about it, women of this day and age rejects being called a feminist because she too is tired of labels. 

    Both of these women believe in equality of the sexes. Both of them believe in women. Both of them wouldn’t call themselves a feminist. 

    H E A D A S S E R Y

     Dior SS '17, Photo: Who What Wear

    Dior SS ’17, Photo: Who What Wear

    We should all be feminists. We should all be anti-racists, anti-white supremacists, anti-classists, anti-whatever other ism’s exist. But, beyond what causes you choose to identify with and fight for, we should all be committed to naming the highs and lows, problems and triumphs that we see within society. And, we should be committed to taking a stand for the causes we believe in and proudly wearing whatever label that brings.

    Women, and men, but ladies especially, you should be feminists. The best thing about feminism is that while it does advocate for equality of the sexes, it’s really all about opening up doors, channels, and pathways to enable women to make choices. Whether you choose to be in the boardroom or to stay at home is up to you. But, you should have the freedom of opportunity and equality to make that choice. That’s what feminism is all about. 

    Everyone, but especially Black people. You should be anti-white supremacists meaning anti-white supremacy. It does the whole movement a disservice when Cam Newton and those in positions like him deny the urgency of now. Deny that we’re being killed in the streets. Deny that race is still an issue and that Black folks are fighting for their very lives right now. You should be committed to the struggle. 

    We should all be whatever we choose to at the end of the day. 
    I’d argue that means we should all be feminists and anti-racists at the very least. 
    But, if we can’t do that, we should all at least claim our causes and the labels that come with them. You know, name and own our ish. 

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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