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    A Restorative Weekend in Los Angeles

    I was born and raised in New York so it’ll always be home but there’s something about Los Angeles I just love. I’ve been three times this year so I’m seriously wondering, am I bi-coastal yet?

    After the amazing weather, what I love most about LA is the wellness and fitness scene. I can find most of my fave NY workout spots in LA plus a few spots unique to LA that I hit every time I’m there. Perhaps I’m bias but I thought NYC was leading all the wellness and fitness trends until I recently went to Los Angeles in January. LA is definitely ahead in some ways and surprisingly much more affordable.

    Runyon Canyon Park

    I’m usually in Los Angeles just for a long weekend so I do my best to fit in as much as possible while I’m there. Typical Kira. That means I hit all my faves starting as soon as I land. One of the first places I always go is Sweatheory. I’ll go for an hour in the private infrared sauna then finish off with a B12 Booster Shot. Sweat Theory was my first infrared sauna experience back in January of this year, and they’ve spoiled me. It’s a great value, and the experience really is quite relaxing. For $35 you get a full hour and a private shower; in NYC this costs at least double. The team also gives you a cayenne shot pre-sweat and a mineral shot post-sweat to replace some of the key minerals you lose when you sweat. I’ve always wanted to check out their classes so if you have a chance, take a class and let me know how you like it.

    Once I’m settled in I usually plan the food and workout stops for the rest of my trip.

    Where to get healthy food and drink:

    1. Moon Juice: They have a few locations in LA and you’ll definitely be in for an amazing selection of juices, tonics, coffees and teas. If you’ve been wanting to try their dust products, this is the perfect opportunity.
    2. Bulletproof Cafe: I’m a huge fan of bulletproof products and I love a good bulletproof coffee for breakfast so when I can I’ll stop by their Cafe in Central LA or Santa Monica. If you’re looking for a good coffee that will keep you going, this is where I would go. They have options so you can customize your beverage and some food options as well. If you’ve never had a keto or bulletproof coffee, this is the place for a first-timer.
    3. Cafe Gratitude:  I spend a lot of time in LA with friends and family so I don’t eat out a ton but when I do, I try to keep it wholesome and healthy. If you need real food, because you probably can’t have green juice for every meal, check this spot out. They have some really good vegan or vegetarian options, with some really yummy breakfast dishes I need to try next time I’m in town.

    I totally work out on vacation and given that I’m rarely in LA to site-see, it fits right in. I’ll sometimes hit a Soulcycle or Barry’s Bootcamp class just to take class with a West Coast instructor but typically I try to hit the workouts I can only get in LA first. I call them my LA Exclusives! If you have Classpass this is super easy, since you can easily switch between locations. If you haven’t tried it they have a referral offer for $40 off your first month. 

    Here are some of my favorite LA Exclusives:

    1. Rise Nation: My go to workout in LA and one I can’t leave the city without doing at least once. Rise Nation is a versa climber studio and one of THE most effective 30 minute workouts you’ll find anywhere. The machine is unique and I always find myself feeling sore the following day (in the best way) and using muscles I didn’t know I had. The studio is on Classpass and they usually have a good intro special going so definitely worth a try if you’re in town. They currently (as of December 1st) have a 4 for $40 special for first timers which is only $10 a class!
    2. Platefit: A great lower impact option that’s still super effective. Also another 30 minute option if you’re looking to get a workout in quickly. This class is a unique workout with a vibrating plate that makes the seemingly simple movements more challenging. Also available on Classpass, they have a few studios in the LA area which was super convenient no matter where your home base is.
    3. Bunda: This is the workout dedicated to building your booty! The class is unique and like nothing I’ve done before. I love how the program really shows you what the Stairmaster and you can really do. When I first took class it happened to be their Arms and Abs Day so while we did focus on the booty, we but also hit upper body. I had fun and now push myself way harder on the Stairmaster after having taken this class.

    If you ever want to make it just a little harder Bala Bangles are my go to! The prettiest weights I’ve ever seen.

    I’m hoping to head back to Los Angeles in early 2019 and always looking for new places to try! If there’s a place you love in LA, let me know. If there’s a place you’re dying to try, also let me know- I’ll put it on my list for the next visit.

    As always, happy to share more deets. Find me on Instagram, @_Karmensandiego!

    Kira West
    Kira West

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