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    10 Affirmations to Get You Through 2018

      Image: CreateHER Stock

    Image: CreateHER Stock

    It’s never too late to start crafting your 2018. As part of my 2018 goal-setting, I decided to also write some affirmations to live by this year. My goals lay the framework for reaching milestones and having intention in all that I do. But my affirmations help me get through the day-to-day challenges of my environment and cultivate my mentality as I walk through life. Enjoy!

    10 Affirmations for 2018:

    1. Stay in your own lane

    Involve yourself in things that contribute to good mental health and growth. Avoid the “waste.”

    2. Slay

    “Slaying” is not limited to physical attributes but includes all things with your name on it or  associated with you.

    3. Have discipline

    This one for me comes into play particularly when it comes to healthy living, but I easily extend it to procrastination or any other deterrent keeping me from my goals.

    4. Be the best you can be & more

    This relates back to affirmation 2, but this year I am invested in putting my best foot forward in all things that I do. In this way, I not only let my true talents shine but I can prioritize what matters to me and what is worth doing (see affirmation 7).

    5. For every “yes,” there should be a “no”

    I have the habit of over-extending myself by saying “yes” to everything. This year I am balancing my yes’s and no’s for the sake of my mental health and self-care.

    6. Just because someone else has an angry soul, doesn’t mean you have to have one

    Letting go is a major theme for me this year. Wasting my time being angry because someone else is angry is a form of waste that can no longer be accepted.

    7. Do not waste your energy on things and people that are not for/with you

    In 2018 I will continue to invest in myself by divesting from entities that do not contribute to my growth.

    8. Love, including yourself

    Emanating positive vibes towards others is important to me, but I cannot forget about the most important person in the equation: me.

    9. Be a blessing to others

    This year I’m striving for a balance between nourishing my existence and blessing others towards being a positive force wherever I go.

    10. God will never put you through anything you cannot handle

    One way I am managing stress this year is by taking a deeper look at my spiritual journey. I can trust that God stands with me in all places and situations. I can overcome what comes my way.

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