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    Don’t look, do touch.

    “Have you seen yourself?”

    It’s a question that most people would simply answer “yes.” This question doesn’t require an answer based on the external but rather the internal.

    When my mom asked me that question one day I quickly answered yes.  She asked me again and said “If you have then you would see your ability and how others see you.” In my moment of uncertainty she made me do what I tell so many others to do; turn the mirror on yourself and truly see WHO you are and WHAT abilities you have. Ever since she asked me this question I’ve been thinking “Have I seen myself?” I realized that oftentimes we get so caught up in everyday life that we don’t stop to see who we really are. Now this next example may be farfetched but stay with me. We all know the myth of Narcissus, correct? Well if not, long story short, Narcissus was a warrior who just KNEW he was POPPIN. He was known for being the finest in the village and he was proud of that. When Narcissus was lured to a pool of water, he saw his reflection and fell in love with it, not realizing it was an image. He was unable to leave the beauty of his reflection and drowned.

    Now I’m not saying that we should be THAT infatuated with ourselves. I’m saying that we should see what we truly have to offer. Let’s have more of a Beyoncé attitude. Even though we all have flaws, these are what make us unique.

    Know that you are flawless and fabulous. You are fierce. You are fire.

    There’s a big difference in confidence and pride. Confidence is healthy. Pride is unhealthy and leads to terrible results.

    It took me sometime to really “see” myself. Not look, because to look is “to glance” but see, “perceive”. When you perceive who you are, you will gain a better sense of WHO you are.

    When I began to perceive who I truly was I realized there was truly no limit in attaining my desires. Don’t set limitations based upon your abilities. There are truly no limits.

    So, when someone asks “Have you seen yourself?”, take a moment to reflect before you answer. “Who are you outside of what people perceive you to be?” “Are you who people want you to be or are you who YOU want to be?”

    Love yourself in a HEALTHY way, which is what Narcissus did not do. Be the fabulous person you are.

    Sometimes this is easier said than done. In a world where Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are very prevalent it is very easy to get caught in the comparison trap. Over time I’ve learned that the old saying, “comparison is the thief of joy” is very real.

    I’ve been guilty of looking at how some of my friends were having an amazing time at their jobs, while I was miserable at mine, or even being baed up, while the closest thing I had to a bae was my pillow lol.

    In time comparing myself to others began to take a toll on how I perceived myself.  I’ve learned NOT to allow the success of others to hurt my self-worth. I realized that everything occurs in the appropriate timing. Sometimes we aren’t ready for the things we think we want. Notice, I said WE THINK WE WANT.  In different stages of life we think that what we want may never change. With growth our wants of yesterday, reflect our past selves.  Understanding this, I’m at peace with the way things occur for my life pace.

    Quieting the noise that surrounds us and finding our TRUE voice, is the major key to changing the negative way we may perceive ourselves. Oftentimes we are our worst critics, we can love and uplift everyone else but we don’t do the same for ourselves.

    Now when someone asks me “Have you seen yourself?” I answer in a way that I never have before and that is because of my personal growth. I no longer just say “yes”, but I truly see myself for the eclectic being I am.

    Once you truly perceive who you are and quiet the noise from the outside, all the answers to what you seek will avail themselves.

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    Katrice Mitchell
    Katrice Mitchell

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