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    I’m a new card carrying member of the Beyhive. I’ve always liked Beyoncé’s music, but until recently I was never a stan. She won me over to the hive with Beyoncé and her edge snatching release in 2013. But, LEMONADE? I was sold. 

    The Formation World Tour was also my first time seeing the Queen in concert. To say I was excited is the understatement of the century. To say that Bey was anything less than amazing would be a lie.  

    For me though, the Formation World Tour ended up being about more than just singing along terribly into my Snapchat (gihickmon btw) because I thought people wouldn’t be able to hear me. It was actually extremely motivating. In addition to edge snatching, lit, and all that other stuff. 

    I think I always knew that Beyoncé was an incredibly hard worker. That she doesn’t disappoint her fans, leaves it all on the stage/project, practices longer than anyone else, and is incredibly detail oriented. But, it’s one thing to suspect that and another to see it in real life. From the outfits, to visuals, to segways and transitions, every single detail about the Formation World Tour serves to present the tour as a cohesive endeavor and hearkens back to Beyoncé’s overall brand. 


    Honestly, seeing Beyoncé live got me thinking about how much or often I don’t give 100% to what’s in front of me. It got me thinking about how important the little details are because they’re what makes a performance, product, or event cohesive, coherent, and relevant to the larger brand or mission. And, on top of how well done everything was, Beyoncé performed in the pouring rain. Pouring rain. First, your fave would never. Second, if that’s not dedication to craft, audience and purpose, I don’t know what is. She was soaked and still serving vocals and choreo like it was nothing. NOTHING.

    So, it begs the question, what would our lives look like if we were as committed to our personal, professional, and business endeavors as Beyoncé is to hers? If we were the first to arrive at rehearsal and the last to leave? If we paid impeccable attention to detail and stopped letting things slide? If we truly operated from a more moves less announcements mindset and shared our genius with the world when it was ready without all the fanfare we so often make? If we let our engagements speak for themselves? How would our prospects change? 

    As we head into the last quarter of 2016, I want to issue a challenge, for you maybe, but really to myself. A challenge to pay attention to the details, show up even in the rain and still perform my ass off, create content that speaks not only to my brand but to my audience, to have fun while doing it, and to always remain humble. 

    The having fun while doing it and humility piece is key. When you see Beyoncé live, you can tell she is living in her purpose and walking in her truth. She’s having all of the fun up there because even though it’s incredibly hard work, it’s work that she loves. Work that fulfills her. She also is incredibly genuine and humble. Thanking us like four or five times for standing out in the rain when all we wanted to do was thank her for snatching our edges. She never comes across as entitled and that’s important – to remain humble about your position. Everyone knows Beyoncé is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. She knows it as well. But, she never comes across as dealing with people in a way that places them as less than. A lesson we all, but especially some of your faves could stand to learn. Always stay gracious. 

    We could all stand to channel some of the Queen’s work ethic, discipline, appreciation/respect for our craft, detail orientation, and love of our work. I know I will. 

    My life is now divided into two chapters – pre and post-Bey. And there’s just no way those chapters can look the same. Witnessing greatness should inspire, if not require leveling up. 

    All Photos from The Formation World Tour Twitter Account (@FormationWT).

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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