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    YOU-time: Self-reflection & growth



    I have a love/hate relationship with that yearning feeling to do more and better- that natural urge to grow and experience the self.

    I love it because it pushes me to go beyond my limits and past any barriers that keep me from reaching my full potential. But I also hate that feeling because getting to the point of actually going beyond yourself to meet greater goals isn’t easy. Procrastination, stress, work, school, family- all these factors can distract us from taking steps to improve our character and experience self-reflection and growth. Often times we get so focussed on others and external circumstances that we barely have time to make productive decisions for ourselves.

    But all is not lost!

    Here are 5 tips on how to explore yourself and encourage your growth:

    1. Make goals and a timeline.

    Setting yearly, monthly, weekly and/or daily goals can really help you see the bigger picture of the things you want to achieve. Putting them on a timeline challenges you to meet those goals in a timely manner (and to avoid procrastination!).

    2. Find a quote that inspires you.

    Yes, some lifestyle quotes are cringe-worthy, but find one for you that reminds you of your desire to keep “building your empire.” I even tape my favorite quote to my ceiling as a reminder when I wake up and when I go to bed that I am ever-growing and capable of meeting my goals of self-growth.

    3. Read.

    Reading can not only be an escape from reality, but a means of self-reflection when you put yourself in a character’s shoes or capture an author’s perspective. This causes you to challenge your own thinking and thus grow in the process.

    4. Hype-squad necessary.

    Surround yourself with positive people who give you uplifting, yet truthful vibes. A squad that hypes you yet challenges you at the same time can be such a powerful motivator.

    5. Share your success.

    We’ve all been taught the power of humility, but there are also positives that come from sharing your success. Letting the world know how far you come can be both a moment of expression and reflection for you as you look back on the goals you’ve met and how you have thrived.

    And never forget,

    Stephanie Emenyonu
    Stephanie Emenyonu

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