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    Daddy’s Day: Gifts for Men that Don’t Suck

    We [read: Men] can be very difficult to shop for, which is the main reason why it took me,a man, up until a week before Father’s Day to finish putting this gift guide together. Regardless of what kind of guy your guy is, it never hurts to inject a little style into his life. Hopefully, my short list of ideas will help point you in the right direction for the special man in your life that you call daddy, whether he’s your father or not. 😉

    1. Shrine Co. Duffel Bag: for the Weekend Warrior/Sneakerhead/Expensive-shoe-wearing man in your life

     Image: Shrine Co.  Image: Shrine Co.

    One of the hardest things about short travel – whether personal or professional – is packing. It’s bad enough that you never know what you’re going to get when you go through TSA (is it 100 mL or 3.4oz.?), but it’s just as bad to have to pack your expensive shoes in the bottom of your respective carryon bag. Enter the Shrine Co. Sneaker Duffel; saving shoes from hard packing one trip at a time. On top of ample space in the main compartment, this duffle has two separate compartments to protect your guy’s shoes. Along with the sneaker compartment you’ll find mesh pockets and sections within the bag for things like toiletries and socks. This is a sturdy luggage addition that he, and his shoes, will thank you for.

    Bonus: Buy him TSA Pre-Check and help him breeze through the airport like a boss for the next 5 years.

    2. Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume the gift for him that’s really for you, but mostly for him. Mostly.

     Image: Amazon Image: Amazon

    Over the years, I’ve noticed that no one appreciates a man’s cologne more than the woman he’s closest too (take that however you like). So why not get him a real “grown-up” cologne, one that you like, that’s actually not a cologne at all? First, draw him in by explaining the difference between an eau de toilette and a perfume (water based vs. oil based). THEN, go in for the sell and get into the fragrance itself; the notes of orchid and spice and how much you love it. By then, it won’t even matter that it’s actually categorized as a perfume. #MasculinitySoFragile

    Bonus: If you really love him, invest in a bottle of Creed Cologne of your choosing. No explanation necessary, just thank me later.

    Bonus Bonus: Since it’s a perfume, anytime you “forget” your own fragrance, feel free to use his. You’re welcome.

    3. Scotch Porter Beard Kit: for the Bearded man in your life

     Image: Scotch Porter Co.  Image: Scotch Porter Co.

    As a bearded man, myself, I’ve had to learn how to maintain my beard through years of trial and error. The result? Now, my beard is pretty poppin’ with many thanks to Scotch Porter and their line of beard care products. I’m a big fan of the balm itself, and an even bigger fan of the education they share with their products. I mean, who knew that wooden combs help prevent split ends? I mean, who knew that growing a beard would mean managing things like split ends? But I digress. An added bonus is that the company is Black-owned and growing. So whether your guy’s beard connects or you’re hoping it will one day soon, get him this kit along with the gentle nudge to try something new, and watch his facial tresses flourish.

    4. A Titanium Ridge Wallet: for the Guy whose Wallet is Undoubtedly Impacting his Sciatic Nerve

     Image: The Ridge Wallet, LLC. Image: The Ridge Wallet, LLC.

    I think we all know this guy. His wallet clearly has receipts that are older than many of the contributors on this site. Want to know exactly how old? Just take however old your guy tells you his wallet is and multiply by 2. Now that you have that number, you know why it’s your responsibility to help your man do better. The Ridge wallet will help him do just that. It’s like Home Depot and Mr. Porter got together and decided to make a wallet love child. This bad boy is made of titanium (also comes in carbon fiber, aluminum and polycarbonate. Am I talking about a wallet or car parts?! Amirite?), blocks RFID and prevents theft, comes with a money clip or strap AND even comes with a small screwdriver, because, tools. Throw out his old wallet – along with his 6th grade ID and high school library card – and introduce him to the next level.

    Bonus: Schedule him an appointment with your local chiropractor because odds are he could probably use a realignment, or two, after sitting on old faithful for over a decade.

    5. The thoughtful cop-out gift assortment from Loop and Tie: for the guy who has EVERYTHING, leaving you with literally no idea what to buy him

     Image: Loop and Tie Image: Loop and Tie

    Despite all of your earnest thought and effort, sometimes, you just can’t think of what to buy. Allow me to introduce you to Loop and Tie. The concept is brilliant! The site provides gift tiers ranging from $25 – $500 and within each tier is an assortment of interesting gifts and categories that puts the onus on the recipient to choose what they want. Can’t decide whether he’ll like a decanter set or a DIY absinthe kit? Send him the $100 “Drink” collection and let him decide! Gift = Done. The gift invitation is delivered electronically, where you can also customize an ecard, and your lucky guy will never know whether you paid $25 or $500. So what you lose in tactile satisfaction, you gain in utility, and this instantly becomes the swiss army knife gift that no guy will be disappointed in.

    Shameless Plug: If you enjoyed this gift guide and want to check out more content like it, and other men’s lifestyle topics of the sort, check out Alex Hook’s personal blog, HKS.style, when it launches on July 8th. Until then, you can subscribe at Hks.style/contact


    Images: Alex Hooks unless otherwise cited.

    Alex Hooks
    Alex Hooks

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