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    Reign All Summer: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Summer Goals

    With great summer aspirations comes an even greater need for discipline. Discipline to pursue your journey, build your empire, restore your glow, and have an all-over sense of accomplishment throughout summer 2017. We’ve all been there season after season when things just “didn’t work out” for whatever reason and we put our ambitions (no matter how big or small) off to the side. But this summer is going to be different. We are all going to eat and eat well.



    Whether your goal is to take a well-deserved vacation by the end of the summer or finally paying off a loan you’ve been dying to get rid of, here are 5 tips on making and reaching your summertime goals.


    1. LIST ‘EM OUT

    Being able to see your goals on a regular basis can serve as a good reminder that you have a destination in your sights and you won’t stop until you get it get it. You can write them down on a piece of paper, in a journal, or even use apps like Notes on iPhone or Google Keep to keep track of what your goals are for the summer and check them off when you’ve met them.


    It’s all fun and games until it’s actually time to get down to actually reaching your goals. Make a plan for each item. If one of your goals is to have clear skin with an irresistible glow by September, make a skin care regimen. If you want to run a 10K by the end of July, make a workout schedule and healthy diet plan. Whatever your goal may be, plan for it. Don’t let it sit around collecting dust because you don’t have an approach to getting it done.


    Finances can often make or break summer aspirations. Some goals require a bit of change to see through while others are completely free. Whatever the cost is for you to meet your targets, make sure you have a financial plan for them earlier rather than later.


    Psychologically, goal-reaching can be tough. You may not see the point halfway through or want to give up simply because you don’t think you can do it. A remedy for this: Find folks who have similar aspirations or can support you throughout the way- people that can hold you accountable throughout the season and want to see you shine. I find that one of the best ways for me to meet my goals is to tell some of my friends and family about what I aspire to do so that I am holding myself accountable and also have people who have my back.


    If your goal is not already a reward (e.g. traveling abroad, going to a concert), go ahead and bless yourself once you meet it. If you run a marathon, reward yourself with a spa day. Or if you complete an internship, have a small dinner in celebration. Have a reward in mind and use it as motivation to keep pushing through the season and knocking off goals left and right.

     And always remember:

    D I S C I P L I N E

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