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    Special Girls, Real Good Girls: Our Summer Reign

    Summer is coming to an end and we at The Reign XY have a lot to celebrate. Between our inspiring contributors and extraordinary Creator-In-Chief, we have grown, experienced, built, torn down, stepped out of our comfort zones, found our peace, and paved the way for new challenges and triumphs to come. As women of color we continue to flourish and thrive despite our ups and downs and times when clarity lacks. This summer was a mere 3 months of our various journeys, but it has made us wiser in both small and large ways.

    Some of our contributors have shared a bit of their summer journeys with you.

    Enjoy reading about our summer Reign!


    ASHLEY JOHNSON, Contributor

    Ashley’s biggest goal this summer was to branch out and make friends in Philly outside of her graduate program. She wanted to build a positive community, especially of WOC, to share in her post-graduation transition. Ashley received a full time job offer for the fall in her field at a place that she loves and values deeply and we are so excited for her! Ashley’s words of wisdom:

    “Remember that every season will not reap a harvest; that does not mean that each season does not serve a purpose.”


    KIRA WEST, Contributor

    One of Kira’s summer goals was to get to the next level of her fitness journey. Her greatest accomplishment this season was signing up for and completing the races necessary for qualification in the NYC Marathon in 2018 (Okay, we see you!). Kira also celebrated traveling to see old friends in new states, revisiting amazing places she discovered earlier this year and rediscovering both her voice and balance in her life. Some of Kira’s words of wisdom:

    “It’s important when moving forward and setting/reaching goals to take pause so you can take it all in.”


    Katrice Mitchell, Contributor

    Katrice made it a goal to discover another passion/interest besides PR and writing this summer. She accomplished this goal by discovering a new business venture that she will soon pursue. Her words of wisdom:

    “This summer I realized that there are multiple pathways to success and that I can successfully juggle all the things I am interested in. Everything I’m interested in is a reflection of the eclectic being I am. With that being noted, I realized that I don’t have to be segmented to only PR/branding/writing.”


      Photo: Damola Akintunde

    Photo: Damola Akintunde

    Gabrielle Hickmon, Creator-In-Chief

    Our phenomenal Creator-In-Chief, Gabby, set out to to give herself the space to heal:

    “I actually did do that. I did heal. I spent what will be three months in South Africa and actually took the space I needed for myself to process, to be happy, to be sad. I made new friends and deeply indulged in new experiences. Somewhere, in that process I actually broke off a peace of mind. I finally feel strong.”

    Some words of wisdom from Gabby:

    “Never regret loving in permanent ink.” – (Ashley Johnson via Jasmine Mans)
    + “Bliss is subjective, only you can create yours.”

    Jakira Shaw, Contributor

    Jakira sought out to be more patient with herself. Her greatest accomplishment this summer was getting her new car. Jakira’s words of wisdom:

    “Crazy things happen and it will have you wondering why on earth it’s happening to you, but you have to trust and believe God has a reason for it all. Things always fall into place.”

    Lindsay Young, Contributor

    Our resident poet, Lindsay, made it a goal to do more with her poetry this summer. Her greatest accomplishment was gaining more confidence in prioritizing her art through a week long artist retreat and also speaking with Philly’s poet laureate Yolanda Wisher (turnapp!). Lindsay’s words of wisdom:

    “Growth is terrifying but nobody talks about it that way. However, once you recognize this, that fear will lose its power.”




    Stephanie Emenyonu, Contributor

    My main summer goal was to gain finance and business experience before beginning my Master of Engineering Management in the fall (wish me luck!). My greatest accomplishment was getting my masters project approved a summer earlier than expected and working on it throughout my internship this summer. Something life-changing that I realized this summer:

    “You don’t have to be perfect to show up.

    This summer I’ve found myself being more courageous in more feats as I step outside my comfort zone and foster my growth. Talk to people you wouldn’t talk to. Ask the questions you’re too afraid to. Set your goals and expectations higher than you need to.”

    Victoria Jackson, Contributor

    Victoria’s summer goal was to get out of the country. She went to Jamaica, which she described as “amazing!” She was also able to cross off “get a tan” from her goal list. 🙂 Victoria’s greatest accomplishment this summer was making her business official. She secured an LLC, opened up a business bank account, and generally started to take it way more seriously than she ever had in the past. Way to go, girl! Some words of wisdom from Victoria:

    “It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to change directions. Your life is your own, and you may edit it as you see fit. Don’t exist on a path to nowhere out of fear. Take charge of your life, and live it the way you want to.”


    Summer has come to an end, but our Reign hasn’t. We look forward to sharing our inspirations, experiences, hardships and successes with you all in the future. xoxo

    Stephanie Emenyonu
    Stephanie Emenyonu

    Find me on: Web | Twitter


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    1. August 20, 2017 / 6:42 pm

      Wow! Love to see all of you beautiful black women doing amazing things! I also needed to here this quote: Remember that every season will not reap a harvest; that does not mean that each season does not serve a purpose."It really spoke to me! Thanks for sharing

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