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    Women’s History Month: Aiesha Arab

    Aiesha Arab is the owner of Soft Goods, a vintage and hand-picked women’s apparel retailer, journalist at Bossip, fiancée to Stalley, and mother to Kylie. Our love of Aiesha began when her article, “The Day I Came Up Missing, I Was at Work,” broke the internet. An artist that inspires us constantly through her style, persona, and approach to motherhood, we can’t wait to see what she will do in the future. Get into her interview below! 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you and where are you headed? 

    Born in Harlem and raised in Queens, NY. I owe a great deal to my parents who raised me and my 3 sisters who teach me life lessons through example. I’m a mom and fiancée. Savvy. I write and a lot of it is to myself. Love and all other forms of art keeps motivated. My lifestyle revolves around my family, so wherever I’m headed, they’ll be right there. 

    I know that you are an Editor for Bossip and you have also done some writing for yourself previously. Can you talk to us about how you got your start and some of your greatest influencers?

    I started with Bossip about 18 months ago freelance because of my friend Janeé Bolden, the managing editor. I feel grateful for her noticing my ability and for the flexibility in it.  It’s also something that comes pretty easy to me. 

    I consider myself an empath; This week Tamera Mowry and her husband made me fist pump. My girl friends inspire me. It’s so random. My influences change. Naturally I like to think critically so I cling to similar personalities. 

    You are hands down one of the most inspiring moms on social media today. Kylie is an entertaining diva with a personality twice her size. Motherhood, namely Black motherhood, is something that we don’t always see reflected positively in the media. Can you speak a little bit about your relationship with Kylie, how you two remain so close, and how motherhood has grown you as a person? 

    Thank you! I have a lot of great examples of parents in general to use as reference, I don’t really think there’s a formula to it. Mother and daughter bond is formed before birth in my opinion. There’s always been a natural attachment to each other. I spend most of my time with my daughter so every decision I make is related to her. 

    You broke the Internet with your article entitled, “The Day I Came Up Missing, I Was at Work.” How do you believe adoption has equipped you for starting your own family? Is there any advice you would give to young ladies who have been in a similar situation? 

    Being adopted, I never felt different or any less loved than anyone else so unconditional love for my children is just easy for me. 

    I think we all deserve closure. Some may feel like they don’t need answers but I felt a little easier after my experience. And I know sometimes you can’t get answers directly but even asking hard questions to your adoptive parents about your past can make a difference. 

    I think we all deserve closure – @AieshaArab

    How do you balance supporting your significant other and still making sure your dreams and ambitions are accounted for?

    His success comes around full circle so I’m eager to help. I’ve written about what I feel about my personal dreams. My goals are met by my effort and so far they’re being met gratuitously. 

    You are an artist to the core: your writing, your visuals, and your vlogs. What can we expect to see next from Aiesha Arab? Is there any uncharted territory you would like to explore? 

    Yes I’m working on a business, it’s in its infancy but it involves art and fashion. It’s called Soft Goods. I’ve been learning more about fashion photography and photo-stories. So I’ve been spending time behind my Fuji and pow-wowing with other photographers. You’ll start to see these interest spill on to my social media soon. I’ve been taking time to explore them before sharing. 

    Just for kicks

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    Knicks or Nets? Nets, because Barclays
    Erykah or Lauryn? Erykah on Twitter 

    Want more from Aiesha Arab? Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @AieshaArab. And, check out her thoughts on why she doesn’t dream here



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