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    Women’s History Month: Morgan Pitts

    Morgan Pitts is the Creator-in-Chief of #blackgirlswhoblog and has been a friend of The Reign XY since we first met her a year ago! Read on to learn about how Morgan moved from the DC area to NYC, pursued her fashion dreams by way of Gucci, and tweeted one of our favorite brands into existence! 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you and where are you headed?

    I am Morgan Pitts, a twenty-four-but-will-be-twenty-five-once-this-is-published-year-old, black woman from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, who currently lives in New York City. Only God knows where I’m headed. 

    What opportunities do you see firsthand for women of color within the business side of fashion? 

    I think the opportunities are limitless as long as we keep showing what we have to offer. In some instances, we have to create our own opportunities outside of established brands and companies. 

    Don’t be too good to start in a less than ideal role as long as you can bear it. – @cosmorgpolitan

    You’re the creator-in-chief and founder of Black Girls Who Blog. How did this brand, and really movement, come into being? Why do you think it’s important that we, Black Girls Who Blog, celebrate us?

    BGWB was tweeted into existence after having read a blog post or two by fellow black women. It was kind of something I just threw out there and thought to myself after the fact (a few seconds later), that it could be a “thing.” I thought to get t-shirts made that said BGWB and that’s when the BGWB illustrator, Lindsay Adams, asked if artwork should accompany the hashtag. I think it’s important that we celebrate us because if we don’t, no one else will. Or maybe they will eventually, but I don’t have the time to sit and find out. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

    What advice would you give millennial women of color who want to work within an industry (i.e. fashion) that they don’t always see themselves represented in? 

    I would say to continue to pursue your dreams until you make it happen. Fake it ’til you make it. Create your own content and passion projects while you’re in search of other opportunities. Do your homework and make connections/establish genuine relationships with likeminded people and those who are where you want to be as well as those who want to be where you are going. 

    What motivated you to “bet on yourself” so to speak (accepting a temp position with Gucci and moving to NYC)? Did you have a backup plan? What advice would you give women in a similar position who are working to make their fashion dreams come true?

    I kept reading that, “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” It was my dream to work in fashion and live in New York City. I thought the temp position was the opportunity of a lifetime. I thought the experience on my resume would be remarkable. My backup plan was to move back to Maryland and start all over, this time with my newfound knowledge. Honestly, I wasn’t “planning” on staying in New York because I came for a temp role, and God had other plans. I would tell other women in similar positions to take a leap of faith and don’t be too good to start in a less that ideal role as long as you can bear it. Do your best, be early, be kind and do the work. Go above and beyond when you can. Don’t be shy to let “the powers that be” know when you’ve done something really awesome. Carry yourself with class and be someone who others want to be around. 

    Just for kicks

    • Erykah or Lauren? Erykah
    • Wang or Balmain? I love the representation (diversity in models, etc.) and glamour of Balmain, but Wang is probably more my steez and aesthetic. I also am obsessed with Alexander’s infectious personality, hair, and dewy skin. 
    • Instagram or Twitter? This is like apples and oranges lol; I love both for different reasons. Twitter for words, Instagram for images. 

    Want more from Morgan? You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cosmorgpolitan, find her curating the Instagram of @blackgirlswhoblog, or check our her blog www.cosmorgpolitan.com.



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