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    Women’s History Month: Noëlle Cuvilly

    We first met Noëlle around this time last year at a bloggers brunch in NYC. After meeting her in person + following her on Twitter, we fell in love with her humor, outlook at like, and ability to be unabashedly herself. Get into her interview below and become inspired to be unapologetically you in the process. 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you and where are you headed?

    To quote the great Michael Scott, “I am Beyonce, always.”  But in all seriousness, for now, I am simply a black woman in her twenties still trying to figure things out. I am a womanist/feminist.  I am a Beyonce stan. I am a lover of things that aren’t always good for me (food and men alike).  I am sensitive (sometimes too much so).  These things are subject to change of course because life is so…lifey.  And as for where I’m going, I don’t know just yet. I’m hoping that there is pizza though.

    I am simply a black woman in her twenties still trying to figure things out.

    — @_sugatits

    Why you so damn funny? 

    Can I just start by saying that the whole “women aren’t funny” thing really upsets me because, well, I’m hilarious and I know tons of other hilarious women.  Shout out to us!  But thank you for thinking I’m funny. Really I don’t know why. I guess it’s because if I didn’t try to look at life with a little humor in it, I’d easily be upset all the time.  I laugh to keep from crying or yelling at everyone.

    You write very candidly about sex/relationships on your blog. Has that ever affected you personally or professionally? If so, how? 

    It hasn’t affected my professional life, no (knocks on wood).  As far as it affecting me personally, I’ve had past lovers read my work but never tell me how they have felt about it except for one time where a guy I was dating started to feel weird about being the subject of my scribing.

    Your bluntness is very authentic and not often seen/respected as much in the media realm. When and how do you believe you found “your voice” and who helped influence it?

    My mother loves to tell me about a time when I was younger, maybe 10 or 11,  that I allegedly told her “I do not put on facades.” in response to me having to give a genuine apology to my cousin for teasing him.  While on some level, I think she’s making that up, I do know that I’ve always been the kind of person that values honesty and authenticity. Sometimes it bites me in the ass because my delivery needs work (I am an asshole at times).  As far as who helped influence it, I’d have to give credit to the many characters I’ve read about in my favorite books and stories.  My favorite characters are always the blunt ones.  And with time, I’ve realized that they are always my favorites because I related.

    How did you come up with your Twitter name? Did you ever worry that it would be “off-brand” or impact you in the professional realm?

    My twitter name was actually a joke.  It was right after the whole DUI thing with Mel Gibson.  He called that female cop sugar tits.  I was texting a friend and jokingly asked her if I should make it my twitter handle and she said yeah.  So I did but I fully intended on changing it eventually. However, before I could, I was being called “suga tits” and gaining followers.  While some only followed because the names gives off the impression that my account is a porn spam account, some stayed once they started reading my work.  So I kept it.  I’ve never worried about it being “off-brand.”  It has, in a way, become my brand.  Professionally, it could affect me I suppose.  However, I don’t mention my place of employment by name on any of my social media so I think I’m safe for now.

    Just for kicks

    • Erykah or Lauren? Neither, Beyonce. 
    • Wang or Balmain? Which makes the comfiest sweatpants?
    • Twitter or Instagram? Twitter, until I get my appointment with Dr. Miami and start my journey as an IG honey that sells detox teas. 

    Want more from Noelle? Follow her on Twitter and IG @ _sugatits or read her blog: Twenty Something N’ Counting 


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