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    Lessons from Back2Life x LeToya Luckett

     Image: People Magazine Image: People Magazine

    Its been eight years since the world has heard a tune from the gorgeous LeToya Luckett. Taking a break from music and focusing on another talent, acting, has kept this songbird pretty busy. Candidly in a Breakfast Club interview she opened up about how hard it is to find the balance between the two, even though music will always be her first love. She says music is therapeutic for her- helping her to heal and recover from past relationships. Also realizing her musics impact on others, she resolves to release music that she connects with, instead of dropping projects solely for monetary gain. She recognizes her fans have used her music to get through their own struggles which motivates her.

    Since the release of her album, Back 2 Life, LeToya has developed a signature approach to delivering visuals that pair with her songs. Reminding me how we used to consume music videos and were able identify a music video director by certain key factors. Murder Inc. was known for taking movies and remaking them for videos. Being able to recognize a Hype Williams video by the type of lens and focus used to illustrate the artist. No doubt LeToya was on the same path when she decided to make a three part mini move for the album.

    Staying true to the art of storytelling through music and visuals, the music videos display a woman’s journey through heartbreak into forgiveness.

    Part 1: Back 2 Life

    The introduction to the series depicts a woman as she transitions from a happy relationship to struggling to find peace within her own home. The lyrics of the album titled track intensifies the feelings illustrated of going back and forth within an unhealthy relationship, and lastly choosing your own happiness.

    We observe LeToya confronting issues with her man that stem from a relationship with his childhood friend. Women’s intuition causes her to feel uneasy, but he quickly dismisses her concerns and makes her feel derailed. But, as we know that gut feeling is usually spot on. We see LeToya finally choosing to get “back to life, back to reality, back to me”.

    Part 2: Used To

    The subsequent visual provides a brief recap, but its primary focus is what happens after a break up. We’ve all tried to date again after a break up and not have it work in our favor.¬† Making it possible for us to relate to the level of awkwardness that LeToya feels on a blind date with a guy she has no interest in. Naturally her ex is calling and trying to get back with her, but she is more focused on moving on.

    She sings about coming into his life and showing him new things. Confidently she reminds him that he isn’t “used to” a woman like her and no matter how hard he tries to he can never find another to compare.

    Part 3: In the Name of Love

    The final visual shows that people aren’t perfect and forgiving your past can create healing.

    A game of cat and mouse takes an unexpected turn that makes the hopeless romantic in me happy. We witness LeToya’s man work to earn her back by showering her with gifts and affection. Stalking her images and reminiscing on their past. He makes sure to show up where he knows she will be to make his presence known. In a last attempt to win her heart he invites her out to a party.

    A jamming 90’s party, with a gorgeous LeToya decked out in an “HBCU Grad” crop top, door knocker earrings and classic fingers, she sings about being hopeful in love. We get images of nostalgia with party-goers rocking gold chains, Adidas sweat suits and playing with slinky toys. LeToya hits signature 90’s dance moves while her ex makes it clear who he wants to be with.

    In the final scene he makes it known with a proposal and a kiss to confirm his love.

    The screen fades to black and LOVE WINS appears on the screen.

    The mini movie exploits the singers talent and tells a great story of how love can conquer all.

     Image: Singersroom Image: Singersroom


    Ingrid Lyle
    Ingrid Lyle

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