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    Beyoncé and Jay-Z: A Love Affair through Music

    4.4.08. This date may not be significant to some people, but to the Beyhive this is the day when the QUEEN Beyoncé Giselle Knowles married her King Jay-Z.

    It’s been NINE YEARS since music’s (and my) favorite couple Beyoncé and Jay Z tied the knot. Bey and Jay’s romance has become immortalized as one of the most private public relationships that many aspire to attain (including myself) #GOALS.  Interest in their relationship is at an all-time high, because of Beyoncé’s 2016 masterpiece LEMONADE and the fact that she announced she’s pregnant with not one but TWO CARTER BABIES!!

    Since they became an item in 2003, they have been the epitome of “stay low and build,” only blessing us with hints about their relationship from time to time.

    From breakup rumors to the infamous elevator incident (Bey let us know that “sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator”), the Carters have been it through it all. Their love and commitment has managed to last longer than the standard Hollywood marriage – making them our #BlackLove power couple goals. In honor of their love, we’re taking a look back at Bey and Jay’s romance through some of their lyrics.

    1999: Big Pimpin – Jay Z ft. UGK

    Before Jay became the family man he is today, he was forever mackin, with ZERO intentions of settling down. Until Bey..

    “Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing, never happen; I’ll be forever mackin. Heart cold as assassins, I got no passion.”   


    2003: ’03 Bonnie & Clyde

    It all started when Beyoncé was featured in both the video and the song, which depicted them as an outlaw couple. With the lyrics “all I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend” and my personal favorite “’Cause mami’s a rider, and I’m a roller put us together, how they gon stop both of us?”

    We are STILL trying to figure out if it’s possible to stop them and the answer is NAH, Fam.

    2003: Crazy in Love

    Not too long afterwards Bey dropped the song that FOREVER changed the game, Crazy in Love. The TITLE, LYRICS especially, “tennis shoes, don’t even need to buy a new dress. If you ain’t there ain’t nobody else to impress” and VIDEO gave the world the answer we were waiting for, YASS Bey & Jay were officially a couple.  

    2003: PSA (Public Service Announcement) – Jay Z

    Who could forget the ICONIC line “Flier than a piece of paper bearin my name. Got the hottest chick in the game wearin’ my chain”

    2004: Soldier ft. Lil Wayne & TI –Destiny’s Child

    Without being TOO obvious about describing Jay, Beyoncé sings:

    “We like dem boys up top from the BK
    Know how to flip that money three ways
    Always ridin’ big on the freeway
    (Wit that east coast slang that us country girls we like)
    Low cut caesars wit the deep waves
    So quick to snatch up your Beyoncé”

    2006: Lost One – Jay Z

    Just like other couples, Bey and Jay had a period where they separated – due to her career. Of course they got back together, but Jay was going THROUGH IT.

    “I don’t think it’s meant to be, be. But she loves her work more than she does me. And honestly, at twenty-three I would probably love my work more than I did she…. So I have to give her free time”

    2006: Déjà vu ft. Jay Z

    “Cause in my mind I want you here. Get on the next plane, I don’t care. Is it because I’m missing you? That I’m having déjà vu.”

     “I used to bag girls like Birkin Bags, Now I bag B (boy you hurtin that)”

    Bey wasn’t ashamed to admit that she had bae withdrawals (she’s just like us). While Jay boasted that he STILL had the hottest chick in the game.

    2008: Ego

    On her first solo album as MRS.CARTER, Bey boasted about “loving her man’s big ego”. Nuff Said.

    2011: Countdown

    “Still love the way he talk, still love the way I sign. Still love the way he rock them black diamonds in that chain. Still all up on each other, ain’t a damn thing change.”

    In case anyone was wondering, Bey let us know that Jay was the still the one 4 her.

    2013: Part II (On the Run)

    Part II (On the Run) serves as a sequel to ’03 Bonnie and Clyde. Jay and Bey celebrated their love, with the backdrop of being fugitives. This song pays homage to the private lives the couple is notorious for living.

    “I don’t care if we on the run, Baby as long I’m next to you. And if loving you is a crime, tell me why do I bring out the best in you”

    2014: Mine

    Bey stopped the WORLD with her self-titled surprise album, with NO MARKETING or PROMO, EVERYONE TOOK NOTE! This album, (one of my personal faves) can be considered her second most personal album. In “Mine”, Bey opens up about her marriage showing that she has doubts and moments of vulnerability, like everyone does.

    Been having conversations about breakups and separations. I’m not feeling like myself since the baby. Are we gonna even make it? Oooh, cause if we are, we’re taking this a little too far. Me being wherever I’m at, worried about wherever you are

    2016: LEMONADE

    It’s impossible to pick just one song from this amazing body of work to describe her romance with Jay, but All Night is the best for this. Though they had ups and downs, they made LEMONADE out of lemons. LEMONADE is an emotional journey of healing from intuition and infidelity to redemption.

    Nothing real can be threatened. True love breathes salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption and my torturer became my remedy.

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    Katrice Mitchell
    Katrice Mitchell

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