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    Cardi is letting you girls know… #RXYMusicMondays

    With the release of her new single Bodak Yellow it is hard to deny that this female rapper has what it takes. Since the official premier during the BET Experience, the song and video have been trending, placing the star amongst her mainstream competitors. But, before Cardi was on our TVs she was in the Bronx making a living and a name for herself by her own rules.

     You know where I'm at You know where I be You know where I’m at You know where I be

    I first caught wind of Cardi B on Instagram when she was being outrageous with her videos. Loud, rambunctious and comedic. She built a following solely based on her dynamic personality. But, who knew the future reality star actually had talent? With the rise of her fame and success there is no doubt that Cardi B is winning and we are here for it.

    Before dropping her first mixtape, Cardi B was introduced as a new cast member on LHHNY in 2015. Her Instagram personality now one of our weekly dirty obsessions. Staying true to the Mona Scott Young trend, Cardi involved herself in complex situations that made her fit into the cast. Drama. Fights. Sex. Bad relationships. She chose to leave the show to focus more on her music and ever since then she’s been in rotation.

     Look, I don't dance now I make money moves Look, I don’t dance now I make money moves

    I became a fan of Cardi’s music (I was already a fan of her Instagram presence before LHHNY) when I came across a video of a crowd rapping along to every word of a verse from “On Fleek.” Since the release of her first mixtape, Cardi’s musical success has grown to heights that the Bronx native has handled graciously. Capitalizing on her success and departing the LHHNY cast, Cardi has expanded her collection with another mixtape, as well as, various features and singles that have placed her along some of the biggest names in female rap. Cardi was even brought on stage for Summer Jam 2017 during Remy Ma’s set. Joining the likes of Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Young M.A. she held her own and solidified the image of unity for females in hip hop that we need.

    Posing with our favorites in the game and still showing respect and her admiration as a fan, makes Cardi still feel “human.” And even in her fame she still takes time out to acknowledge and thank her fans. A recent video she posted dancing and screaming when she found out she was nominated for a  BET Award continues to show how humble Cardi is. Often times people decide to bring up her past, but it is no secret that Cardi used to be a dancer. The disrespect won’t be tolerated. Cardi doesn’t hold back in her bars and she doesn’t hold back on the haters. Her comebacks have often been posted under #commentcreeping posts on our favorite gossip pages. But since leaving LHHNY she has toned down her image, in a good way.

     I'll let him did what he want He buy me Yves Saint Laurent I’ll let him did what he want He buy me Yves Saint Laurent

    Her sexuality and openness about her body transcends her music and fashion. She stays fly, showing us how to dress fashionably on a budget. She often mixes her rich girl pieces with budget friendly ones showing us regular degular schmegular girls that she’s still down to earth. Teaching us that hoes never get cold for the sake of fashion, Cardi B is well on her way to becoming a fashion icon. It is a proven fact that fashion and Hip Hip often collide producing new trends in the process. Lately she has been keeping the trends pushing and pulling off looks that spotlight her fashion identity, while showing off her curvaceous figure – reminiscent of her female Hip Hop predecessors who were and remain fashion icons and trendsetters.

     I ain't got no time to chill I ain’t got no time to chill

    Her new single Bodak Yellow has been trending ever since its release and she recently performed for the BET Awards BETX show. Cardi is on her way to great things and we are proud. Just this week Taraji P Henson, who is one of our favorite around the way girls, was seen giving young Cardi her props.

    We are awaiting the debut album and whatever else Cardi has up her sleeve. We see you girl and we love it!

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    Here is the official video for Bodak Yellow:

    – Ingrid Lyle

    Ingrid Lyle
    Ingrid Lyle

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