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    Lessons from Cardi B’s 2017

    We all know that 2017 was Cardi B’s year. She went from stripper to Love & Hip Hop personality to a chart topping rapper. If 2017 marked her rise, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do now that she’s at the top. 

    We’ve written about Cardi B a few times because she’s truly our fave and a reminder that you can actually beat the odds and do whatever the fuck you want with the right combination of hard work meeting opportunity. Here are some lessons we learned from our good sis this year. 

    1. The support of your OGs always helps.

    Cardi B got pictures with Beyoncé and Janet Jackson danced to Bodak Yellow last year garnering her if not respect, acknowledgment from two of the greatest female entertainers of all time. Remy Ma also brought her out during her set at Summer Jam demonstrating the importance of women if not being unified, at least not beefing in the rap game. There are just too few of them at the highest levels. Cardi seems to understand that she wouldn’t be where she is without the efforts and accomplishments of those who came before her. She’s not looking to hop in any beef, Porsche’s are all she’s tryna ride. 

     Source:  Twitter

    Source: Twitter

     Source:  Twitter

    Source: Twitter

    Lesson: Pay homage to those who came before you and work with or support those around you. There’s room for us all. 

    2. Ride your own wave aka be your own biggest fan

    Speaking of riding, you can tell that while humble, Cardi fucks with herself heavy. She knows she’s bad. She knows she’s one of, if not the best female rapper out right now. She knows she deserves the success she’s achieved and isn’t afraid to remind folks if they forget. She’s in her bag and rightfully so.

    Lesson: If you know you can back it up, it’s okay to act like THAT bitch. 

    3. Learn to navigate the pressures and title’s others will place on you. 

    Cardi B has been called a feminist icon, next up in the female rap game and a whole bunch of other names, good and bad. That’s a lot of pressure that we know has gotten to her in different ways. She once mentioned changing her style and lyrics to be more conscious of her younger fans and has also stated how nervous she is to put her first album out after the success of Bodak Yellow. Here’s the thing, in the eyes of most of society, Cardi shouldn’t be where she is. She’s not who the majority would give a platform to, yet she has one and has to learn how to navigate it. We’ve seen her take media lessons and improve in front of the camera or during interviews from her earlier days while still being herself (see her on Kimmel). We’ve seen her address being called a feminist remarking to New York Magazine’s The Cut “You know what? I’m not even gonna consider myself nothing,” she says, her finger pointed at the ceiling, in sermon. “Here’s the thing that bitches got me fucked up when it comes to that word. People think that being a feminist is a bitch that, like, went to school. They wear skirts all the way to their motherfucking ankles like a goddamn First Lady. That’s not being a feminist. Being a feminist is being equal to do what a man do. Niggas hustle, and I hustle niggas.” We’ve seen other artists who went through a similar rise to the top (looking at you J.Cole) tell her not to worry about the pressure of the album and just put out her best work. 

    Lesson: Screw a label you don’t give yourself or accept and don’t put all that pressure on your art. 

    4. Make Money Moves

     Source:  Instagram

    Source: Instagram

    Part of the reason everyone loves Cardi is because she had a plan and bossed her life up. Amassing a large following even before being on Love and Hip Hop, Cardi has never been afraid to show us her personality. Transitioning from stripper and IG comedian to Love and Hip Hop to the top of the charts, she’s bossed her life up at every stage and used her talents to propel her forward. Maybe your dreams aren’t to top the Billboard 100, but watching Cardi should have us all asking how we can better get to this schmoney in 2018 and years ahead.

    Lesson: How can you start from where you are and use what you have to boss up?

    5. Men wife all types of women – be who you are.

     Source: ET Online

    Source: ET Online

     Source: People

    Source: People

    Let the hoteps on Twitter or maybe just your guy friends from college tell it and women like Cardi B who are outspoken, openly sexual, about their business and their favorite fact former strippers, should and never will find a man or partner. Enter in Offset, Cardi’s fiancé who put a huge ring on it proving that men will wife all types of women. There is someone out there for everyone and you don’t need to be little miss housemaid or queen modest to get a man or partner (no shade if that’s your sneeze though sis). 

    Stay mad fellas. 

    Lesson: Be yourself and the right partner will not only appreciate, but you love you for just who and what you are. 

    6. You can be yourself and make it big.

    Cardi is still a “regular, degular, schmegular” girl from the Bronx. You can be yourself and make it big. In fact, did you really make it big if you weren’t?

    Lesson: STAY AUTHENTIC! 

    Here’s hoping Cardi wins all the Grammy’s and continues to top the charts in 2018 and beyond. 

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