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    Lessons we learned from the #GoldenGlobes

    1. Be Authentic and Tell Your Story.  



    After taking home the Golden Globe for Best Picture, backstage, Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight described why he thinks the movie soared. He said, “It touches people because of its authenticity. We weren’t trying to do anything but tell our story.” This age of social media can create a culture where hyper-branding feels necessary. Hyper-branding to the point where no one is even sure who you are anymore because your tweets read more like pre-written sound bites than the thoughts of a breathing, non-robot brained human being. 

    Be authentic. Tell your story. Dassit. That’s all it takes to connect. That’s all any of us is truly looking for. I know I personally want to be able to feel you – get a sense of who you are.

    Let your soul shine through. 

    2. Don’t let anyone steal your moment.  

     Source: Golden Globe Awards

    Source: Golden Globe Awards

    When backstage after winning her Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Television Series, Tracee Ellis Ross was asked a question about Donald Trump and how to stop him. To which our beloved Tracee responded, “I think I will let this night be about winning my Golden Globe. I am basking in my Globe.” Of course reporters couldn’t let the question go and again when asked she responded, “I will keep it focused on this moment and I will answer it in this moment. I think continuing to tell our own stories and stand up for what we believe in as individuals is important. And I think how I accepted my award tonight speaks to how I feel about all different kinds of stories being represented.” 

    I get that the gates of hell are going to open and we’re all going to be swallowed up Jan. 20th when Trump is inaugurated, but why Tracee was being asked about that instead of her win or acting career I’ll never know. I love her for daring to celebrate herself and not letting anyone distract or detract from her moment and well earned win. 

    Bask in your wins and let no one detract or distract from them. 

    3. Support other women. 

     Souce: Golden Globes

    Souce: Golden Globes


     Source: Issa Rae's Twitter

    Source: Issa Rae’s Twitter

    Award shows are always full of Black Girl Magic, but it makes us feel especially good when we Sistas are supporting each other. Whether it was Black women cheering for their sisters who won an award, checking each other out on the red carpet, or devoting an acceptance speech to women of color everywhere, Black Girl Magic and the love + support we have for each other were on full display last night. 

    There is room for us all at the top.
    Good women support, uplift, and encourage other women.

    4. Use your platform for good.



    Meryl Streep, the most iconic actress of our time (although give Viola a few years), used her acceptance speech to discuss all that she felt is wrong with society today. She used her platform and that stage to discuss how flummoxed she was and remains by the election of Donald Trump, how important the Press is going to be over the next four years, and how important it is that we don’t let bullies win. She, like Tracee could have let the moment be just about her win, and that would have been fine, she too deserves to bask in her success. But she choose to speak out against all that is wrong, in favor of all that is good. That’s what using your platform for good looks like. 

    Speak up. Speak out. Speak truth to power. 

    5. Your Dreams are Tangible. Period.


    To watch Issa Rae go from Youtube to the Golden Globes has been an amazing journey. One that speaks to Black girls everywhere with Internet platforms who dream of creating content the masses will one day engage with. Black girls on the Internet who are doing the work of creating their own platforms, web series, online courses, or whatever else. Youtube to the Golden Globes. Your dreams are possible. Believe and work smart.

    When your time comes, SLAY. 

    6. “Take your Broken Heart and Make it art.” – Carrie Fisher

    Make it art. All 2017. 

    All images are courtesy of the Golden Globes.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
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