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    On Kevin Durant to Golden State and lessons to be learned from this NBA Free Agency Period

    In case you missed it, yesterday, Kevin Durant made the decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and move to the Golden State Warriors. A move that imploded Twitter, ruined cookouts everywhere, and had every girl who has glad to have her man back because, “I thought basketball was over,” S I C K. Some have heralded the move, others hate him for it. Now, I feel obliged to say that I’m a Warriors fan, albeit since the Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green (Go Spartans!) era, but a fan nonetheless. And in my opinion, KD wasn’t going to get to the Finals, let alone a ring with OKC, as long as, the Warriors remained the force that they have been in the West or James Harden came back.  

    Which is why I’m not mad at KD for going to the Warriors. Whether he felt it was just a better fit, would allow him more growth as a player/man, or he’s purely chasing a ring – who are we to fault him for pursuing what he believes to be more for himself. People are arguing against the “super team” (a trend started by Lebron but I’m sleep) and that he should’ve stayed in OKC like he owes them something. Like basketball isn’t a business and the front office wouldn’t have traded him if some more advantageous situation came along. 

    Millennials do this all the time. We switch jobs, cities, boyfriends/girlfriends, hell, even friends in pursuit of what we believe to be best for us. So, why’re people mad at KD again? 

    Kevin Durant going to the Warriors should remind and encourage us all to remain relentless in our pursuit of more for ourselves – in our pursuit of better. To work so hard that we have our pick of teams (careers, cities, etc.) when the time comes for us to make a move. We’ve got to stop staying in places, relationships, friendships, and situationships just because we’ve always been in them and would feel bad leaving. That’s like going to the same job everyday because your boss gave you your first big break, even though you hate the work now. That’s like saying yes to a marriage proposal when you know your partner isn’t for you and you don’t want to spend forever with this individual. 

    Stop being stagnant. Stop being afraid to make a move (and stop hating on those who have the guts to do so). Stop walking through life never seeking better for yourself because you feel like you owe someone something. Now, I’m not saying that loyalty isn’t it important. It is. But, it should never trump what’s best for you – at least not as a single, 20-something (if you’ve got a spouse or kids then this is a different conversation). The lesson here is that whenever any situation, be it where you live, a relationship, friendship, job, etc. no longer grows or serves you, do us all a favor and get out. Unapologetically.  

    & Lebron fans, I don’t want to hear anything from you. 

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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