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    A girls guide to March Madness

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! MARCH MADNESS. This month is full of upsets, excitement, and BASKETBALL. I am partial to Michigan State, but I won’t judge who you cheer for… well, I’ll try not to. 

    Here are 5 tips from me to you for how to successfully navigate all the games, your boyfriends/friends excitement or rage, and all of the MADNESS. 

    1. Go off what you know (of course if you don’t follow basketball but still want to make a bracket, please ask someone.) 
    2. At least one 12 seed will always beat the 5 seed. Upsets happen, prepare your bracket accordingly. 
    3. Don’t pick teams based off your favorite color (LOL)
    4. Don’t pick teams based off what players you think are cute (LOLOLOL – even though I love me a basketball player hun-ty)
    5. If all else fails, pick Kentucky to win. 

    I know I have the Spartan’s losing in the second round but I’m willing to accept what them beating Virginia would do to my bracket. Kentucky is 35-0, with two sets of starters so I feel pretty confident in my choice of them to win it all. Here’s to the dunks, fast-breaks, and clutch plays that make basketball so exciting. Here’s to the Madness. (Peep my bracket below!) 

    Happy March Madness. May the odds, aka your bracket, be ever in your favor. 


    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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