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    Dear Molly…

     Image: Justina Mintz/HBO

    Image: Justina Mintz/HBO

    I’m getting a little, no a lot sick of your shit. Mostly because I can relate to it and fear I’ll be you when I grow up. 

    Educated. Hardworking. Lawyer. Alone. 

    Listen girl, last season you were out here thottin and boppin to no end. And that’s fine, do what you want with your body. You missed out on a seemingly decent guy because of some homophobia but that’s a conversation for another day. 

    Now, you wanna be all reformed. Going to therapy, focusing on work. Isn’t that always how women like us handle things when our love life isn’t going how we want it? Don’t get me wrong – I am proud of you for making an effort to get it together. Although you stopped seeing your therapist after two episodes, at least you went right? That’s step one. And between throwing yourself into work, trying to join the old boy’s club, and working with Hannah, minus the stress and whole being paid less thing, you’re killing it professionally. Go Molly Coco. 

    So, none of that is why I’m here. No, I’m here because we need to talk about your relationships this go round. Enter Lionel. A man who seemingly meets all your requirements. I am proud of you for peeping his behavior and realizing how you used to be acting out here in these streets. But girl, SZA tickets? You passed up SZA tickets? And dinner at a seemingly nice restaurant? Listen, I know you’re a lawyer and can afford to feed yourself but come on now girl. SZA?! Dinner at some new hip LA spot?! 

    I digress…

    My fear girl is that you’re exhibiting behavior that’s oh so common, but maybe not oh so positive when on the “I’m trying to get my personal life together” path. Here comes a guy that seemingly is everything you’ve said you want, yet you’re not interested because you don’t feel like the chemistry is there or that things are flowing naturally. Sis, sometimes, you gotta put in a bit more work to reach that place of comfort. Sometimes, checking boxes is a good thing. It’s of course too early to tell how this will play out and I get that being over-eager (and really can we even call Lionel that fam?) can be a turn off, but since when did someone properly expressing interest and pursuing you become a problem? Basically, girl how are you complaining about a 5 year plan when you have(had) one yourself? 

    I’m not saying go and sleep with the guy. celibacy seems to be good for you. But would going to the concert or dinner hurt? All I’m saying is, were the vibes really not there or did you just not want them to be? Not see them? Rule him out because you’re only used to fuckboy? 

    Just something to think about…
    I guess time will tell how/if anything with Lionel will play out. 

    Header Image: TV Guide

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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    1. August 7, 2017 / 5:36 pm

      I’m mad @ Molly too. But maybe she’s not ready…

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