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    #RXYMusicMondays: The Modern-Day Womanist: A Playlist

    White feminists got you down? Are you tired of having to explain to Becky that her knit hat is cute and all, but as long as she ignores the facts that black women are affected disproportionately by oppressive systems, she’s still a part of the problem?



    Enter womanism.

    The term was coined by Alice Walker. It was derived from the word womanish, a manner in which just about every black momma has told her daughter to stop acting at least once for fear that she was acting too grown. For me, it was wearing bright colored nail polish or wanting to get a perm before I was “old enough.” Walker, however flips it to mean acting courageous or self-assured. She includes this in her definition of a womanist:

    “A woman who loves another woman, sexually and/ or non sexually. She appreciates and prefers women’s culture, women’s emotional flexibility…[she] is committed to the survival and wholeness of an entire people, male and female. Not a separatist, except periodically for health… loves the spirit…. loves struggle. Loves herself. Regardless.”

    Womanists are universalists. They embrace the struggles faced by women of color, and other marginalized groups. Simply put, womanism is inclusive.

    Every great movement needs a soundtrack. So when you’re out there loving yourself and trying to make the world livable for women of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and even black men, listen to this playlist.



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    Daja Henry
    Daja Henry

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