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PowerTV [Angela vs. Tasha] The pros, cons, and merits of each

PowerTV [Angela vs. Tasha] The pros, cons, and merits of each

So, you watch Power right? And if you don't what are you doing with your life? If you do then this piece should make perfect sense to you. If you don't start watching it and read this piece for relationship advice but fair warning there are some spoilers in store!

Power stars Omari Hardwick as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. On the outside, it looks like Ghost has it all. He's got a beautiful wife & lovely kids, closet any professional man would envy with the penthouse to match and a successful club in NYC 'TRUTH'. But, Ghost's life is actually far from perfect. He's caught in a love triangle between his wife, Tasha, and the high school sweetheart he cheats on her with, Angela. He's stuck in a business, aka drug dealing, that he no longer wants to be in but those around him - Tasha and his best friend Tommy - won't let him quit. Ghost is the guy that came up on the block, made something of himself, and now wants to have a life full of legitimate success. Will he succeed? Probably not if the women in his life have anything to do with it. 




  • A "rider"
  • Holds down the fam 
  • Knows the game- been around from the start of Ghost's other business 
  • Insecure
  • Doesn't understand or encourage Ghost's desire to get out of the business/game
Angela "Angie"

Angela "Angie"


  • Ghost's high school sweetheart 
  • Successful lawyer with the FBI (aka the Feds)
  • Career hungry 
  • In the dark about who Ghost really is (for most of the first two seasons)
  • Support's Ghost's desires to be legit (think's he already is)

Tasha is Ghost's wife and she's been with him from the jump. She knows his game and helps him play it when necessary, but doesn't understand his desire to leave it. All she knows are the streets and her lack of education causes her to be insecure. Tasha's value in the relationship is her knowledge of the game and willingness to help Ghost play it. If Ghost is retiring, then what use will he have with his uneducated baby mama? Tasha only sees Ghost for what he is, not what he can be. Note: Even though Ghost and men like him are getting money from the game, they're hardly ever solely defined by it. The ability to support your man as he is and as he moves to where he wants to be is a quality that's essential in a rider. It's a quality Tasha lacks. 

Ghost needs a woman that's a rider who also believes in his dreams. Tasha is a rider but she doesn't support his efforts to go legit. If you're truly "down", don't you have to cosign every decision your man makes and exercise blind faith knowing that whatever he does at the end of the day is for your/the family's benefit EVEN if it's cheating on you with the only other woman he ever loved?

Tasha teaches us that if you're going to be down, you've gotta be all the way down. You've got to stay down when you can't understand what your man is doing, when you think he doesn't have a plan, when you can't see the next move. Being a rider is hard because it often requires exercising blind faith. But, if that's the role you say you're going to play, then play it well. Act out because of insecurity and you'll probably drive your man into the arms of someone like Angie, just like Tasha did. If you truly want to be or say you're a rider, then keep riding till the wheels fall off. Rider's get rewards.

Power 2014

Angie however is Ghost's high-school sweetheart that left both him and the block to become a big shot lawyer with the FBI. Unlike Tasha however, Angie doesn't understand the hustle. She understands education and hard work but has no love in the heart of the city for the game. She's always encouraging Jamie (Ghost) to do more, move faster, and rarely stops to appreciate where he is or what he's done already. Angie only sees one ladder to success and she doesn't care who she knocks down on her way to the top. Note: If you ask me, Ghost shouldn't be giving Angie another chance because she left him and was shady about it displaying her main flaw = NO LOYALTY. 

Angie believes in his dreams but probably isn't a rider and doesn't even know the real him. She's complicated. It appears that she has everything a girl could want. She's attractive, successful, and in love. But, she's also disloyal, selfish, and dangerously success driven. She doesn't know the game, can't help Ghost play it, and probably won't stand by him now that she's been let in on just how complicated his life really is (spoiler + Season 3 speculation alert!). 

Angie teaches us that things in our past are often meant to stay there. You see an old bae at the club, please say hi and keep it moving. Let him sweat over how you were the one that got anyway (even though technically Angie left in this case, stick with me here) and continue to flourish. All you'll do by getting involved with him again is bring unnecessary drama into your life and spoil the good memories you had together. The past is often the past for a reason. This doesn't mean that you can't leave the block and give back. It means that you shouldn't leave the block and try to move home to run around with your old crew again. And, I bet, if you're being honest with yourself, your new experiences won't let you anyway. It's okay to grow, change, come up, and leave people behind as long as you aren't shady about how you do it (like Angela was). Keep in touch, sure. Maybe just don't try to be best friends or lovers though.  

The thing about all of this is that if Tasha acts right, Ghost has no need for Angie. Angie is filling the emotional void for Ghost that Tasha has left behind. Ghost, and most men like him, want to give their rider the world. Tasha is insecure because she fails to understand that LOYALTY + BABY MAMA + he already gave her everything = Ghost sticking around even if the game is over. 

The crux of it is: you've got to know your role, what you can handle, and then be willing to act it out. Everything is of course negotiable, just be careful you don't negotiate yourself right out of a position. You say you wanna be down, be all the way down. You wanna come up, then come up and use yours to inspire others + give back. You can't have your cake and eat it too, as I'm sure Ghost, via Tasha and Angela, is about to find out. 

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